Sunday, February 3, 2008

What a Weekend!!!

What a weekend,we can't talk for long THE BIG GAME IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!! We went to the fabulous dance(see more on Asta's and Gussies and Joeys place)

Isn't this just great!!!!!

Here we all are,Asta and Agatha in dresses they bought that were copies of a 1940's dress,Jax,Koobie Cassify and Stella,Sophie and our FABULOUS hosts Joey and Gussie .We were waiting to go in to the dance.

Cassidy wanted to wear these shoes that Agatha brought to the dance and Agatha said NO WAY!!!! what if you fall and reinjure yourself????So don't worry the older girls are looking(well sort of) after the younger ones. Lacie was still getting ready and she missed the picture......

TENSION IS MOUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Liza said...

Is it time yet?? No okay, we will read more blogs. By the way - I love the shoes too!!

Dory the LabraDory

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Ooo, J1 is oggling at those shoes. This is such a pawsome weekend! J x

Patience-please said...

Ooh la la! Lindy Loo would love to chew those shoes!!!! They look yummiest of all! But luckily she is way too full of hot dogs and hamburgers.

wags from the whippets

Gus said...

You dogs are out of luck..Muzzer has kidnapped the shoes and is hiding in the closet with them. Must have something to do with 8 dozen eggs poached this morning. Who knew doggies liked crabmeat that well?


Molly the Airedale said...

OMG! It's just about time for kick-off! We are just so excited!
What beautiful shoes!

Love ya lots,
Maggie & Mitch

Maya and Kena said...

Hi guys!
Those shoes look they squeak?
Good luck with the game!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Bogart H. Devil said...

You are SO SPIFFY!!!!

My mama wants to send you something - a sample of the yummy dog treats we're making (it's doggie jerky!) - if you want some, just drop me an email with your address (my email is and I'll get ya some right out!


Asta said...

Deaw Archie and Agatha
Congwatulations on agame well played..I am suwe that if Archie hadn't been injoowed the Pats would have won!

I hope you awen't sad..I'm just happy we got to be togethew!
smoochie kisses

Joe Stains said...

sorry about the game but at least we had a super fabulous weekend!!

Cassidy said...

Me is still sad me didn't get to chew, erm me means wear, pretty, pretty shoes. Next pawty me hopes me can borrow them.

Cassidy x