Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cute happy new year 2011 pictures

HELLO dearest pals!! We are here to wish all of you a happy healthy and peaceful New Year. We have missed all of you dearly and will be better in the new year. Archie and I hope that this new year brings all of us many lovely treats and toys and new beds and stuffies and   WAIT A MINUTE............We better think this through or PL2 will butt in and say something about thinking of others and stuff... We are thinking of those who have crossed over to the Bridge and we miss them a lot, and we are sending prayers for all of our pals who are ill, and of course we hope for a world full of peace and joy and happiness....and really is it so awful to wish for just one stupid little stuffie and maybe a few cookies? (she just said that was ok and she said to tell of you that she loves you to bits and wishes all of you the same...)

HAPPY NEW YEAR PALS!!!!!!!!!! from your pals A+A

Thursday, October 27, 2011

WHO DID IT? and famous visitors

HELLLOOOOOOO everyone!! We must tell you about our very important visitors from across the pee.... MOLLY MONTY WINNIE AND TAFFY!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????!!!!!!!! WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA were we excited!! As you can see in the picture below my brother was so excited he was looking the wrong way........( well I sort of am looking the wrong way as well but .......) We showed them all around Boston and then had lunch with them( we kind of barked throughout lunch... alot..... BUT WE WERE SO EXCITED WHAT COULD WE DO?????)

What is the next picture you may ask? Only a box of little pastries that PL2 had for our very important guests...... chock full of lovely pastries   Why is there cleaning up paper in the box????

 And why do the pastries look all smooshed up?? and a mess??? PL2 was in the dining room and she heard a crash and went into the  kitchen... There was the box of pastries on the floor.........  I was NOWHERE near there... and there happened to be a large trail of crumbs from an apple tart leading into my brothers bed...... and then he came out looking a little smirky...... AND DID THIS.............


Thursday, September 22, 2011

PB AND J and French Bread

So the summer is over and fall is here.Arch and I thought we would welcome fall in  in a culinary way
 Exhibit A...... That would be me..You see PL2 went to the store and took us. We waited in the car  and slept.Then she stopped at the French bakery....and bought a baguette...... YUMMY WE LOVE THIS BAKERY!! SHe always gets a little roll and we munch on it in the car.. So we came home, went up the stairs AND JACKPOT!! She put the bag with bread ONT HE FLOOR to get her keys out.. REPEAT ON THE FLOOR ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? ON THE FLOOR? Exhibit A is what was left of the baguette after I SNATCHED THE TOP( and maybe a bit more) OFF THE TOP and ate it really really fast. PL2 said I looked like a snake eating something large... I sort of didn't want to eat it slowly because welll YOU KNOW WHY so i kind of didn't chew it!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA but then Archie looked like he was going to cry because he didn't get any so she had to give him a piece...... and that is what was


Exhibit B? That is Archie... still on the quest to get PL2's PB and J sandwiches ....


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yoooooooo Hoooooooooooo

Hello everyone noooo we haven't left but we have been very busy and we were having such problems with blogger that we took a rest and now we are back. We survived Hurricane Irene(Archie kind of slept through it and I was busy baking and stuff) Here I am chewing on my farting ball(yep that is what it sounds like hee hee) You mya notice a RAT YES I SAID RAT under my leg... I HAVE THIS UNDER CONTROL DO NOT WORRY IT IS UNDER CONTROL It is my rattie toy.This kid has to be kept in his place or he takes over

SEE WHAT I MEAN?????????????????????????

Friday, July 29, 2011

Our summer so far

we have been SO BUSY as you will see below we are going to try to recap our summer so far.... otherwise this would be 12000 pages and you might get bored( Archie doesn't think you would as he thinks everythng he does is SOOO interesting.......

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HE WAS AT IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (peanut butter sandwich)

Joint synchronized digging


No explatiation needed

Ha haa how to be really cute

He loves to let his ears flap in the wind


A little swim 

About to be synchronized rolling

We went with PL1+2 to the farm to get the vegetables Leave it to my brother to find the toys

I was checking on the lovely produce

And checking out the boxes for ahem RATS

Archie was making sure the veggies were packed right

Of course we have been watching TONS of BASEBALL


One musn't get overtired and must take lots of naps

Hahaha ganging up I mean meeting other kids

Below is a bit of indoor activity......

Here we are in the beginning of the summer pre haircuts.. Archie is trying to get on the good side of the person taking the picture so he can get a cookie.... Hee hee I am not sitting.... hee hee hee
Hope you are all having a wonderfull summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lord Stanley is back in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we have been a bit busy.... Our hockey team the Boston Bruins have been in a championship the last couple of weeks.....
AND THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the teams logo.......

And this is the Stanley Cup. Each year it goes to the team that has won and they keep it until the next championship.....The whole team gets their names on it..Each player gets to keep it for one day and they do all kinds of fun things with it( like take it to the hospitals so the kids can see it and they take it all over town to different places. The cup itself has a lot of mystique and is most beloved here in the USA and in Canada
It is called The Stanley Cup because of Lord Stanley a Governor General in Canada in1892 He donated it as a hockey award and VOILA the beginning of the Stanley Cup!

AND NOW WE GET TO KEEP IT FOR A YEAR!!!! We were not really supposed to win and were a bit of the underdog so that makes it even more special!

This is Timmy Thomas the Goal tender( I have a little crush on him and so does Lacie hee hee)
So we have these cool Duck Boats that take tourists all around the city and then convert into boats and go into the water! And they put the team into these boats and had a parade all over the city!!!

Pl2 FLEW out to get shirts this morning but they didn't have bandannas for us ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Archie loves this player Chara because he is 6 foot 9 which is really big for a hockey player and Archie thinks that is cool. Now you know we are an avid sports town and an avid sports family.And since 2002 we have won SEVEN championships amongst all of our sports teams!!!!

Our beloved Celtics basketball won one( I have a little crush on Kevin Garnett who is holding the trophy hee hee)

Our beloved Red Sox won 2( of course with a lot of our help)

Our football team the Patriots have won three( and everyone knows Archie played a BIG hand in that)This coach Belichik with Tom Brady the quarterback( I have a little crush on him too )

Tommy in action

It is exhausting to be sports fan here...........

Saturday, June 4, 2011

What we do best Part Two

Isn't this great? This has been the best day....... so much to do here That is why we NEVER get tired of it
The next movie is what I have been waiting ALL WINTER for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guess whose feet these are

Yep ARCHIES He is not really much of a swimmer like I am

He would rather sit with PL1 and watch stuff(like my Esther WIlliam moves in the water)

A lovely rhodidendrum

Archie always takes time to smell the flowers

A lot of time....

This one is such a pretty color...
This move is not easy.. a half sidewalk half grass roach.........

We were really tired.. I am just resting my eyes a little.......... 


Arch just checking out that all is well....

Munching on sticks......

Turn up the sound really loud.. While we were sitting munching and watching this is what we were listening to....
Look at the color of this!!!!!

on our way out we saw these little teeny yellow flowers...........And then we slept for HOURS !!!(Pl2 says that is an extra bonus... hmmmph)