Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How to Use Your Bed

Correct positioning by myself in the 1st picture,and then the next 2 are of my brother....WHAT IS HE DOING?????!!!!!!!!! OK he's got it in the next picture, but in the end he has decided that nothing is better than PL1"s feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

To our Dearest Oscar

We will miss you little Oscar.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

We hang our heads in shame

Well,perhaps we were a bit harsh yesterday,because today was pretty stellar.After we saw little Asta eating her ice cream http://astasworld.blogspot.com/ we thought maybe we could get some too...AND WE DID!!!! Today is Farmer's Market day and they have such good ice cream,so PL1+2 took us there!!!

We watched PL 1 bring it back and then........................

And we licked and licked...and then WHAT..........NO MORE?????????

And then we came home and there was a giant box for us with new beds!!! Really fancy ones( 2 new ones each!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I am in one of my new lovely beds and Agatha was too ashamed to pose in her bed.

Here is one of the other new ones( Agatha doesn't want to show her face she is so embarassed +I may have fainted from the heat)So it all has a happy ending!!!!!!
Of course Agatha wrote yesterday's post just so that PL1+2 know that.I told her not to write but............ Love,Archie + agatha

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Writing under protest

How dare they!! PL 1+2 went somewhere WITHOUT US. It all started with something that is going to start this Friday...Patriots training camp( that's our football team and a rather good one I must say but that is BESIDES the point) They decided they wanted to go to Foxboro where the Gillette Stadium is and go to the souvenir store to get ready for the season....WITHOUT US.

Not only did we not go but they didn't BUY US ANYTHING!!!!!!( I have a Red Sox leash and Archie does have a Patriots leash and we did just get new ones a few weeks ago but still....)And then to top it all off they decided spur of the moment to go to Providence Rhode Island for lunch.
Really,I have never.They did take us to Jamaca Pond for a nice walk and a quick dip when they came home but I am not sure if that is going to cut it.We'll have to see what tomorrow brings...........Agatha+ Archie

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Historic Tour

Our day started out with us trying to figure out what to do and we came up with the idea of another historic Boston mini tour!

This one involves President Kennedy, our favorite President( and local son).Not only do we love his policies but his FAVORITE dog was a welsh terrier named Charlie!!!!!!This is a picture of the house where he was born(see the room on the top right? that's it) If you take a tour of the house you can hear Rose Kennedy describing each room.

Of course we had to get into the action and Agatha is shocked to see that they are closed that early in the morning( 6am).I was mortified that she was up that close behind the barrier(PL 1+2 say that I always look worried but here I am just showing a shocked face).

Here I am being worried and below is Agatha probably thinking of some way to torture me(as usual)
This house is right around the corner from the JFK house and is the house where Robert Kennedy was born(they needed a bigger house!!!!) It is a private residence now but is a part of the tour to walk by.

We will have to take you the JFK Library at some other time( it has a beautiful view of the ocean) but now are very tired and think we are going to go to bed. So ask not what you can do for your country( Agatha says the original line that she wrote for him for that speech was ask not what you can do for your puppy but they took it out) Good night everyone!!! Archie+ Agatha

Sunday, July 22, 2007

We Are Exhausted!!!!!!!

Well,it has been a whirlwind of activity this weekend.It all started with our annual(and really 1rst annual) trip to the Vet for a checkup.We checked out o.k.(cept we had to have blood taken and it was AWFULL) and Archie had been scooting his butt on the floor. Let me tell you friends,DO NOT DO THIS because I can not even tell you what they did to poor old Arch(plus he would be mortified if I did) Needless to say he no longer scoots his butt anymore.Then PL1+2 took us on our first really long car trip to a lovely place called Shelburne Falls.It is in the western part of the state and close to Tanglewwod(Where were you Lenny?) and all the really cool places that are out that way. This town was so lovely( pictures coming they are on PL1"s roll of film(he refuses a digital but PL 2 bought one!!!(so tons of pictures coming your way)Really the best part was getting our own ice cream(you'll see!!) I'll save the rest for when the pictures some.And then today we got to go to our favorite place The Arboretum!!! Hooray!! And PL 2 used her new camera so here we go.....

In case you had forgotten this is where COYOTES have been seen

but Arch has it all worked out.He is going to get a cowboy suit like
Oscar is so handsomely wearing on his site,the next time he comes.He says it will"wicked"( a Boston term) scare the coyotes.
Even though we have been here many times it never hurts to check the map.Then off for a quick dip in the stream,

a quick roll in the grass

and then off some serious hunting

Just some pretty pictures!

And so ends our lovely weekend!!!We are off to bed.Sweet dreams everyone!!!! Archie + Agatha

Saturday, July 21, 2007

More Awards!!!!!

Butchy and Snickers and Koobus have nominated us for another award andwe are thrilled!! Archie,however has been really moping around ever since I got the Rocking Girl Blogger and he didn't get the boy one( is he jealous or what) So to stop him from moping and to get him off my back I will nominate HIM for the Rocking Boy Blogger( there are you happy Arch??)We would like to say hello to Sedona in Arizona and Dory( FROM BOSTON!!!!!)and thank them for signing our blog. We have had an EXHAUSTING weekend so far and MUCH to tell you from our annual( well really the first since we are only 2) check up at the Vets( Archie would like to forget it he is so mortified) to our trip yesterday to Western Mass( we were in the car forever but we did get ice cream) but we will tell you all about it tomorrow!! Happy Birthday

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Favorite Books

We have been asked by our pal Jackson to tell you about our favorite books so here we go:#1 No list would be complete without our favorite Dr Herriot(he seems like such a nice guy) #2 Then there is the book Inside Baseball about the Boston Red Sox and baseball, by Jerry Remy(note that not only is it good reading but tasty too,the front cover, spine and a few pages happen to be gone)#3 Of course James Thurber.Our favorite story is about Muggs the Aeirdale that bit people( that is a picture of Muggs) #4. Like a Dog with a Bone, a smashing mystery that involves a wire fox terrier and #5 Shakespeare's Dog about a street smart tuffy dog that belonged to Shakespeare(had to be a WFT) Happy reading everyone( We have picked up some reading to be done from other lists!!)Perhaps Oscar(if not already asked) and William Tell would like to tell us their's!!! Love, Agatha+ Archie