Friday, August 31, 2007

Creep me out

Now we have been on many adventures but I gotta tell ya, this one has them all beat. PL1+2 were told that a GREAT place to take your dogs walking is the Forest Hills Cemetery .It is very old, very beautiful, has many famous people there and also has great outdoor art exhibits and "happenings"there and dogs are allowed.That 's right you read correctly.... a CEMETERY.Now I ask you ,how much do we have to put up with....but we went. Archie was a little more creeped out than I was .

We noticed all kinds of funky things along the way(besides the OBVIOUS if you know what I mean) There were outdoor art exhibits(EXCUSE ME have these people heard of museums??!! )

In the beginning of the summer hundreds of people gather around this pond at night(what's the matter with a little sunshine??) and each person has a little lantern with a candle and they put them in the pond. It is a Buddhist ceremony and is quite beautiful( or so they say...NO WAY are we going there in the dark)

this is a tribute to ee cummings the poet by his " site"...we were allowed to stand on it......and it has copies of books of his poems in it.I am trying to read to Archie but he won't stay still....

Archie thought for a minute that he saw the Loch Ness monster but then he remembered he was in Boston. I think he looks like Archie in a clam shell....

Look at the size of these leaves!!!! I could seriously hide a lot of toys here.

A quick roll and off we went.

Besides the fact that it did have a creep factor, it was very pretty,very artistic, and pretty quiet if you know what I mean.I think I would prefer a little coyote action though.....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another A+A adventure

PL2 had the day off and PL1 doesn't have to go back and teach until next week and it was a lovely day so they decided to make it an adventure packed day. First we got the surprise of our lives....a big fat juicy marrow bone!!!

Then they decided to take us to our favorite place in the whole world the Arboretum!! Now we usually go there on the weekends and usually not quite as late as we went today...

We heard PL1 say to PL2 that he was getting a little nervous as it was getting a little late, there weren't alot of people around and if you now has.......COYOTES........
Well we weren't nervous at all but being the city people that they are they were getting a little spooked.............
We continued on our merry little walk

Agatha LOOK OVER THERE I loudly shouted to my sister as I took a brief siesta in the cool grass.

Folks I gotta say she came very close but to no avail.So now PL1+2 have decided no more almost at dusk jaunts in the Arboretum for us,thankyou very much!!!(We say let us at him....) Love the Great Safari Hunters A+A

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Middle Name Tag

We have been tagged by our pal Koobus to play the middle name game. You have to give a word that describes you from each letter of your middle name.Then you tag someone else for each letter of your middle name(IE if it has 5 letters then you tag 5 friends) Now this poses somewhat of a problem for us as we don't have middle names so we will just use our first names.To make it easy I ( Agatha) will do my own name and then Archie will do my name also.....

by Agatha

A absolutely stunning

G gorgeous

A absolutely brilliant

T tenacious

H humorous

A absolutely fabulous

by Archie

A annoying

G grumpy

A agravating

T tormentor

H hogger of toys

A a pain in my neck(sometimes)

We will tag our pals Scruffy and Lacie,Sedona Rose(her 2cnd tag!)Buster,the Barkalot Boys,and Balboa!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


It is hot.Too hot to do very much. We sat on the bed and started to think what to do.PL 1+2 took us in the air conditioned car(lovely) and we listened to the Red Sox game while driving around,got some ice cream(vanilla yogurt lovely) went through the car wash( I kept ducking everytime something hit the car) and then came home.Now what??Now I know there are some who think I should let Archie in my bomb shelter and they feel sorry for him( geesh I put up with him and the Madama Butterfly and he is still pining for her)......

I came up with and idea..... I told Archie that he could come in to my bomb shelter and to bring his( remaining) toys in.....

Did you notice he has TWO racoons????? It's so hot I said lets take a little nap.........

This is one of my most brilliant plots I must say.......

I pretended to be asleep and when I knew he was asleep I dragged his toys in one by one.HE WILL NEVER FIGURE THIS OUT!!!

There was one slight problem though,I got so tired I fell asleep for real!!!! Another plot foiled!!!Stay cool everyone!! Agatha +Archie

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Favorite Foods

We have been tagged by our friend Blue( who is at home with a cast on her wrist healing, to list our favorite 5 foods and PL2 is going to too..A+A's list:

1..Would HAVE to be cookies(any kind...)

2.Ice Cream is right up there

3.Peanut Butter(quite lovely in a Kong)

4.We love wallymelon

5 And of course...our bones.

PL2: 1.Potato Chips( or anything crunchy with salt)

2.Any kind of cheese

3.A nice juicy steak

4.French fries

5.Bread( a nice baguette with a crusty outside....YUMMY!!!)There seems to be a carbohydrate theme here.......

And we would like to tag Asta(when she gets her pooter back) becasue she always has yummy food at her house),and Gussie becasue he gets to go in the car and get all kinds of cool things to eat, and little Sedona Rose!!!! Bone Appetite!! A+A

Monday, August 20, 2007

Archie and Madama Butterfly

Well we went for a walk and quick dip at one of our favorite spots Jamaica Pond

It is a lovely place and has a very interesting thing there(You know we love history,we do live in Boston!!) There are these steps there that say "From the home of the John Hancock Mansion" and they really are!! When his mansion was destroyed(on Beacon Hill) someone bought the stairs and moved them to Jamaica Pond.If you are interested you can read about it at

We started our walk enjoying the sites...

What would a pond be without Geese!!!

These baby ducks had their directionals the wrong way!!!!

We popped in for a quick dip........

And then he saw her........

Chou-Chou San...( named from the opera Madama Butterfly) It was love at first site.....I came over to investigate....( and to make sure she was not going to break my brother's heart.

They were inseparable(it was slightly difficult as we are not allowed off lead and she is.....)

And after a good romp she swam off into the sunset (she had to go home and eat supper)...

And we continued walking....

And then home to dream about the day.........