Saturday, June 30, 2007

ANother Boston Adventure

Well another fabulous adventure in the action packed life of A and A great safari hunters of Boston.Our PL's took us to Lars Anderson Park a beautiful area that was once a very rich Boston Brahmins estate which he left to the town of Brookline. Guess what our PL's heard from a golden retievers PL.......COYOTE SIGHTINGS( this park is close to the Arboretum so in stands to reason)Archie has decided to get to business and get a little safari hat and net( despite the fact that I told him a net might not be quite the thing to get a coyote) PL 2 was freaking out because she kept saying We live in the city,what are coyotes doing here,and PL 1 kept saying he felt sorry for them and that we were doing this to them as we were getting rid of all the land for greedy business men.While the 3 of them were all freaking out over various and sundry things I Agatha the greatest safari huntress of them all( I did catch a skunk once you know) went into action, scanning and being on high alert but evidently the coyotes know of my reputation( word of attacks on skunks travels fast)and wouldn't show their faces while I was there.If you are interested in seeing our safari park I have enclosed a site to visit. Have a nice Saturaday!! A and A

Thursday, June 28, 2007

WOW is it hot!!!

It is another hot day here and PL'1 + 2 both thought we needed to go swimming so they took us to one of our FAVORITE places Jamaica Pond in Jamaica Plain a section of Boston. This is a beautiful pond with ducks, swans, geese(and their remains if you get my drift, which I hear are quite a delicacy) egrets, and even hawks!! It is a lovely place to walk and the people who walk around there are so nice and love us to bits. Actually they often laugh at us prancing around!! Anyway, Agatha went into the water and PL1 threw a stick for her to fetch and all she would do is paw at the water because she couldn't figure out how to swim!!! I just stood in the background soaking my feet, because I didn't have my bathing suit with me. There was a lab there who was practically out in the middle of the pond.Good,I said to Agatha, let him get the stick while I relax.The best part of the whole walk ( for me) was that I met a LOVELY little fox terrier named Snowy!!! The 4 of us were deighted as you don't often see fox terriers around here!! She was with her walker.I must say I was enthralled with her,however she, in true terrier spirit kept growling at me!! I love a feisty woman! Well we are quite tired from our adventure and are going to take a 12 minute nap so we can get up and run all through the house. Stay cool everyone( except those we read about in South Africa with snow on Axel's blog,Stay warm there! )Archie and Agatha (maybe I need those flotation devices to help swim) PS PL 1 is getting a good chuckle over our moustaches as he is the one who helped"place" them there! A+A

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Steamy in Beantown

Well,for those who were worried that the summer weather hadn't arrived....IT'S HERE!!!It is 95 degrees and quite steamy.Our PL's have gotten us something to help us stay cool(permanent access to the freezer would be good)They look like bandanas,and you soak them and put them in the frig.Then you WEAR them!!! It is quite lovely and very fashionable at the same time. One thing about Boston it can get a bit humid. We would like to say hello to all our blogger pals and from so far away!!We are happy that Jackson is recovering well(with lots of nursing help.PL 1 being a nurse quite understands this) and we will have to tell him all about our skunk adventure in another post. Gus we haven't officially started Harvaaard yet.Our PL's say that Agatha should be reading calculus books and Archie coloring books. Fee,so far away in Singapore...helllooooooo, Asta in NY you live very close!! The countdown is on for your birthday!! Asta from Down under.....also sofar!!!!! Hellllllooooo .. and Lenox we will keep you updated on all the latest Boston happenings(We love the Symphony but Archie has to get a new bow tie to go,He chewed his last one) Stay cool everyone!!!! Archie(I also love comic books) and Agatha( I am currently reading/editing the latest physics book)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

What a day!!

We spent the afternoon at the Arnold Arboretum. For those of you who don't know it it is the greatest place !! It is run by Haaarvard University and it is HUGE with streams and forests and lilacs and flowers and most of all HUNTING GALORE!!!!!!!! We love to dig,and dig, and dig to try to get at the chipmunks..(Agatha/Archie=0,chipmunks=10)There are also a million squirrels and bunnies.When we walked in there happened to be a new laminated sign up that said there have been coyotes seen in the Arboretum so please leash your dog.COYOTES!!!!!!In Massachusetts!!!! Bring em on!!!! This however was not the same attitude PL #2 had. She was a bit nervous as she thinks we would be the right size. As we are not allowed off lead( except in the tennis court when we play a spot of tennis)this doesn't affect us, however Agatha and I were on full alert( well really Agatha as she is the huntress.. after all she did catch the skunk in front of our house that one time while I stood back and watched. I was sending her my support)We also had a little swim( well Agatha enjoys it a bit more than I do.She really gets into it and tries to paw the little fish. I just like to stand there and cool my feet off) We are a bit tired so will sign off for now. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend..... Archie and Agatha( coyotes, I say bring em on)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

World Beard and Moustache Championship

We neglected to add that the picture of us with our moustaches with to be like Jackson( you must see his blog for the description of the Championship!! A and A

We"re Back!!!

Hello everyone,we are back thanks to our pal across the pond Jackson!! We have been very busy. Archie went to Good Manners class and did graduate, despite the fact that he was "attacked" by a puppy( who was off lead) when he came through the door. He only gave her a little nip on the ear, but our PL #2(pack leader) was mortified. She even took Archie by himself to school(as everyone recommended) as she thinks he is the naughtier of us 2( HA.. little does she know)Archie is like Jackson in that he really doesn't like to many other dogs, as opposed to me who adores all dogs. She thinks she will be taking me to this class however I could teach it! She and PL #2 have taken to inviting this woman to our house with DELICIOUS treats( and very stinky) and every 2 seconds we get some when she clicks this thing. PL 1and 2 have been trying this clicker thing but all we do is bark to get the treat. PL1 is getting frustrated!! Well they left this stinky meat on the dining room table and Archie jumped on the table (when they were not looking) to get the meat!!!! We almost had it and then they caught us. I of course looked at them as if to say I had NOTHING to do with this. Archie was so nervous he jumped off the table! I was roaring!!( PL 1 + 2 pretended to be mad but I could tell they were laughing!!! I am going to enclose a picture of Archie and myself for the moustache contest. What do you think??