Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Archie the show dog HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Hi everyone Ags here Wait till I tell you this one......

So PL1+2 were taking us out on our last evening walk( this picture is a reenactment cuz I didn't have the camera at that exact time. This was taken at the Arboretum. Nice crisscross action huh!) So we were walking and there was a guy on the other side of the street and he said"Hey is that dog a SHOW DOG?" I was turning every which way to see who he was talking about, well really I felt sure he was talking about me.....) and I see PL1 TALKING TO HIM! WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME?HE WAS TALKING ABOUT ARCHIE!(who was wearing his winter coat and every other step trying to shake it off.. Try that sometimes it does work to get it off..) And PL2 starts LAUGHING and says Him?
This kid with the stick up legs? 

And the stick up ears?

The sleeper extreme?

The naughtiest of the two of us( hee hee maybe,  not just saying)

The kid who stole PL1's shirt to take to bed with him?

The kid with the GIANT honker? Welllllll he could be,and really is in our eyes(PL2 made me put that part in so he wouldn't start crying...)