Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our weekend( the shortened version)

Well it started out a little wet and gloomy and ended up quite lovely...Here is a shortened version of what went on in house of A+A..........

You will have to watch very closely to see us in this presentation of zoomies in light speed........

Doing the usual hanging out by the window...

Starting walk #1 on Saturday.....(we were waiting for a cookie..)

Are you kidding me?

I to go up the stairs to peoples houses......

In the spring when all the birds come back after winter Archie likes to hear all the birds in the trees and when they all go in one tree he calls it a chickadee tree(because it is mostly the chickadees and sparrows that do that)...Listen..A FALL CHICKADEE TREE!!!!!

It was REALLY Archie's ears....
Walk #2 Sunday.......

You got it..waiting for a cookie......

Checking out the scene.....

I am astutely watching this......

While he?? yep waiting for a cookie...


PL2 has this stupid notion that when we need to be distracted( which she seems to think is every 5 seconds) she does this so we eagerly anticipate a cookie or wicked good treat..In reality we look at her because we are mortified that she sounds like such a nutcase we don't want to see anyone....

Eating breakfast and dinner (twice for both Sat and Sun)

And then of course a fabulous nap....( or two or three...)

We were EXTREMELY busy this weekend..Hope everyone had a nice weekend!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Beds

Well we have of course been very sad, and have been thinking a lot about our pal Snickers and her brother and the rest of their family. PL2 said that she thinks this is a really special group of people at DWB and she wanted us to tell all of you that we all love you very much and are glad you are our friends.

So we really didn't feel like playing a whole lot, and it has been yucky out and we were trying to think of what we could do that would cheer us up.....

And then this came in the mail.........OMG look at the cover!!!! It is a WFT!!!!! (I wonder if they pay a lot to model? I will have to talk to Lacie)

And PL2 and my eyes lit up and we said "that's it!! We will go shopping!!" Then I noticed something...

Oh my gosh PL2 LOOK AT THIS! THIS is where Archie sleeps at to PL1's side of the bed..It has been cold and PL2 gave us blankets...BUT LOOK AT HIS!! IT IS FILTHY

This is mine...It is on PL'2 side.. and I have a crate to one side of it...It is a litle smushed and it does look like I was... ahh thrashing around a little....Actually it looks a little under the weather as well....PL2 and I will have to do a washing today I think...

But then Pl2 started to look through the magazine and said "AGGIE!!!!! Oh did I find something for you!!!!!! "


So of course we HAD to order it....... and then she said "but what about your brother(who cares I was thinking)Oh I said you mean him???

SO we got him a bed too..He is not as into your own personal bombshelter like I am but he likes the coach PL2 got him this one..AND SHE PUT HIS NAME ON IT!!!!!! (what nudnick??)

SO now we have to wait for it to come..I mean I know you think we have 14,000 beds( well really 13,500 as some have gone the way of wear and tear) but really I have never seen anything like this one.........

SO now we wait,,and bark even harder when the door bell rings( if that is really possible..I mean to bark harder)

If you are wondering what I am looking at in this picture?

Oh yeah..remember him?? He is really into reading...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

For Our darling Girl Snickers and her family

We just heard about our darling girl......We think this poem says what is in our sad sad hearts....

Native American Prayer
I give you this one thought to keep - I am with you still - I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow,I am the diamond glints on snow,I am the sunlight on ripened grain,I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning's hush,I am the sweet uplifting rush,of quiet birds in circled flight.I am the soft starts that shine at night.

Do not think of me as gone - I am with you still in each new dawn.

Till we meet at the bridge little one...Agatha and Archie

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just a typical afternoon with my brother

Well it started out as a typical day......We woke up, quickly played bitey face, went out, came in , quickly played bitey face, ate, slept, quickly played bitey face, went out, and then went to the Chiropractor( Archie for his usual session and I for a little tune up.....)

So I went first and of course was a perfect angel, and then my brother went up in the table. Then as we getting to leave the door opened and a rather large bull dog came sauntering in... This of course was a perfect opportunity for us to give him a rather boisterous terrier welcome,which not all people appreciate.The rather large bull dog was escorted out and then we followed....but then a very cute white fluffy dog came in the front door. Now I don't know if everyone knows this but Archie has sort of a thing for white fluffy dogs...loves them... think they are like super models....So I had already gone out the front door with PL1 and Arch was with PL2 , who was chatting with the Chiropractor( really PL2 is a chatter) and she is walking out the door.. the little white fluffy dog has gone to the left, and we hear a rather large sound..... of Archie..... who wasn't watching where he was going( a frequent occurrence) and he walked right into the door.........

Just ARch

PL1 and I had no idea what had happened as we were ahead, PL2 is really really laughing, sort of out of control like, and then I SNAPPED into gear........I don't think PL2 realized the severity of the situation.........of what COULD happen.....

Would I have to call an ambulance??????(Pl2 is REALLY laughing now......)
Should I run and get my uniform????
As you can tell in this picture this was after a grueling shift and I was EXHAUSTED........

But then we all noticed that Archie was OK....... The chiropractor did a little something(in the parking lot) to him just in case.......

HOWEVER..... PL1+2 went out last night and came back home and PL1 said to PL2 hmmmmm look what I found in ARCHIES bed.......... the outside wrapper package of this....
PL2 almost fainted on the spot because she has read LOTS of stuff about dogs getting very very very ill from eating gum as it has sorbital which is really really horrible for dogs.........

SO she called this number( well a local number...she was waiting for them to say Oh Hi owner of Archie who has eaten in his short life a bag of brown sugar, two boxes of fig newtons, gnawed at a fake fire log, eaten countless peanut butter sandwiches with the paper towel on it, and who knows what else.....And it is not as if PL1 and 2 are careless.. they are is just that he is that good at it...)

And PL2 says to the people at the center well I can only see one I think he only ate one piece......BUT NOOOOOOOOO say the people..HE COULD HAVE EATEN THE PAPER AND ALL all 14 pieces.... Now she is really going to faint.... BUT this happened to be a type of gum that was really low in sorbital so it was alright........Pl2 was sweating there for awhile......

A friend who works with PL2 and hears all of these stories about us sent her this picture...........She had been driving and saw this and screeched the car to get a shot..She said she thought of us.. As Tanner would say WTF???? We don't really get it.....

All in a days work.........

Monday, November 16, 2009

What we are doing while they are building and hammering next door

Well we still have all paws crossed for our pal Snickers and of course for all of dog and cat and hammie pals that need our help. Archie has been having trouble walking because he won't uncross his legs( he nearly fell down the stairs twice and it takes him HOURS to pee) On top of that they have gutted the house next door and are rebuilding it and putting on a new roof. Now we love to take charge of these things and tell everyone whether they are doing a good job or not...and of course the only way to do that??? BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK ... I mean really how else would they hear us??? But for some reason this bothers PL1+2 to have us take charge of all the construction workers for 8 hours a day , everyday, until they finish the this is what happens.. they put these things on us..... they are gentle leaders and T Touch nose bands( I am demonstrating the gentle leader and Arch the T touch) What is really funny is that all of a sudden we think that the boys are doing a good job without it..........

For some stupid reason PL2 thinks these are the greatest things in the history of the world........

Friday, November 13, 2009

FOR SNICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Before you read
We ask you
to please help spread this message
as quickly and as far as you can
So as many dogs and cats and families
as possible
Can read it prior to 5:00 PM, Saturday, 14 Nov 09, Iowa Time
(11:00 PM, 14 Nov 09 GMT)
Copy it.
Paste it.
Link to it.
Just please help us get the message out.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


My dearest pals, We must all join paws for our dearest Snickers( see Gussies post) and all the other pups who need our help today. We have major paw power together and have done this ,sadly, before........ Aggie and Arch

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Day In The Life.......

Woke up

Got Out of Bed

Dragged a comb across my head

Found my way downstairs and had a cup

Looking up I noticed I was late

Grabbed my coat

and grabbed my hat

Made the bus in seconds flat

Found my way upstairs and had a smoke

and somebody spoke

and I went into a dream