Friday, February 29, 2008

He's a believer!!( and I am in a heap of trouble)

Ok this stuff is FABULOUS and PL1 is a true believer. Archie is walking well and would be racing around( but no one is going to let him....) We did get into a little scuffleThursday night( I sort of, how shall I say ATTACKED Archie and sort of attacked the top of his head(that's the easiest target for me)I just slipped up that's all and to stop me from being uh shall we say a little stupid he turned around and got me in the leg) and it was stupid I know and he did win, and I have a cut on my front leg THAT HURTS but what can I say I am to blame I know....and PL2 had to take me to the animal hospital because she wasn't sure if it needed a stitch( oh GREAT nurse) and it didn't but they "booked"" Archie.The stupid intern said she had to "tell the authorities"whoever that is because it looks like a bite, and Archie can't walk around without a leash outside (which he has never done )and not be around other dogs for ten days , and PL2 said they are TERRIERS and the stupid intern said but I have to, and PL2 said what does this mean and the stupid intern said nothing and PL2 was getting mad and said then why do you have to do it and she said she had too.PL2 is planning on calling our Vet at that Hospital on Monday and figuring all of this out. So Archie now has a criminal record because I attacked him and PL2 is crying because she doesn't know what the heck all of this means,PL1 says she is worrying too much,PL2 thinks Archie is a marked man (grossly unfairly because of some STUPID intern) and I am in A HEAP OF TROUBLE because all of this is kind of my fault....oh boy.Just another day in the house of A+A...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trip 2 to the Chiropractor

Well we have just come back from visit 2 from our Chiropractor. I had been tellling Asta that Archie was going to tye dye a shirt before he went and she made this picture!! Teeheeteehee!!!

photo by Ms Asta

So yes Noah,Archie perhaps HAD been overdoing it a bit, and did hurt himself again(geesh,boys)So he was almost back to square one.Well the Dr said that he"held" the points that she had done and that indeed he had hurt his"bad"side and that was what she was going to work on today anyway.So.....PL1 held on to his collar and held up his hand and 1,2,3 she "tested" the points ,took out the "hole puncher"thing and adjusted him.She said that we should see a difference by tomorrow. Here's the weird thing....He went in with his tail between his legs,and not putting any pressure on his right side, and left, tail up and putting a little pressure on it!!(if you have any eery music play it now) Then she did me(12 seconds and that was done) and I made a bee line to the front door......PL1 said he will wait until tomorrow to see if it works and then make a judgement....and PL2???For some reason she is putting a lot of faith into this!!!!!So he is on a bit of restricton again and will go back in two days......

photo by Ms Asta

We are both sacked out in our bedrooms EXHAUSTED.....So we will see what tomorrow brings!!!!! (We'll keep ya posted!!!)

Monday, February 25, 2008

What Academy Awards????

Some of you may have been watching the Academy Awards(PL2 forgot all about them and STILL doesn't know who won) but we won this:

It was awarded to us by our prestigious welshie and dale friends from across the ocean Taffy and Molly.We are particularily pleased to get this award to cheer us up as Archie seems to have hurt his back again.He did it outside in the stupid slushy gross snow yesterday and now he yelps a little getting up,but he isn't limping so that's good. Perhaps it had something to do with the MAYHEM he caused in the house(see last post)(the book was pretty funny though) or the LAPS he has been doing around the house. You may be wondering what views PL1+2 have on this?? PL2 says that he maybe he felt so much better after his adjustment that he overdid it. PL1 thinks....crock of @%$^% and I can't believe we are going back there.....Keep ya posted!!!!!! We would like to award this most coveted award to............Ms Sophie Brador and Ms Faya and Ms Asta 3 chic,glamourous babes on the blog(and funky too) See ,who needs the Academy?????

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Memoirs of a bored dog by Archie

First off I made PL2 GET RID OF THE MUSIC!! Over and over all we heard was that SONG ,THAT SONG(she might bring it back at some point.....)Now PL2 just got a new book in the mail and she chose to put it on the table next to the couch. Now for all you table surfing dudes out there(esp you dales and whippets who can really get high) my sister and I can not reach those high places(despite Aggies valiant attempts at trying to be like a jumping bean) so I just stick to areas that are close to my sense in further straining my back right? So I chose to look at PL2's new book and make sure that it was the right book that she ordered.
On closer inspection I noted that it was delicious an extra bonus in a book I always say.....the spine was particularily tasty........

The corner wasn't bad either.......

And the other corner??Just as tasty!!!!!!! She has been trying to read it and all we hear are words that sound something VERY SIMILAR to HBO words that I learned while in solitary confinement...

Remember those steps that PL2 bought so I could gently go up to the couch????Agatha is investigating how I got them upside down AND ABSOLUTLEY NOWHERE NEAR THE COUCH!!!!!!(tee hee my lips are sealed!!!)

Now PL1 is in the process of getting rid of some old records and he left a large stack on the floor.....near my bed........This is surfing supreme...YOU DO NOT EVEN HAVE TO STAND UP!! In fact you can surf LYING DOWN!!!!!!

Ah well all in a days work for a busy wire fox terrier........I'm going to the chiropracter Wed.I'll tell you all about it. I am going to tie dye a shirt and pierce my ear before I go and maybe I will bring some crystals that Agatha found for me(HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Well you all may be wondering how our day went yesterday.It started with me going to the Animal Hospital for my ultrasound. I was quite the model patient until the technician came to get me for the test.....and I WOULD NOT BUDGE..Hey look I am NO FOOL!!! I listen to my brother( he had xrays you know...) but I was outwitted because she picked me up....blast...It wasn't bad and I got to eat 12,000 cookies because PL2 felt so sorry for me.So the Vet said she would call us with the results.So Archie and I spent the day hanging out(He is making a VALIANT attempt to come into my bomb shelter but I DID NOT BUDGE.Also did you notice the 2 red boombas under there???ha ha ha)

So our appoinment was at 6:30pm right in the middle of rush hour which went over well with the PL's.So we got there and the Dr was explaining what she does which is chiropratic kinesiology(or that is what PL2 thinks she said)so she had PL1 hold on to Archie's collar and then he held out his hand and she pressed points on Archie and tapped on Pl1's hand.If the point on Archie was weak PL'2"s hand would go down and that is how she could tell where Archie's weak points were.Then she took this thing that looked like a hole puncher and pressed on the weak points She said that his pelvis was twisted and he was compensating with his left side. She also said that it seemed like he had a front face type injury when he was young(one of PL's friends actually did drop him on his first day home RIGHT ON HIS HEAD!!! true story!)Then she did me and said I was a lot stronger(And they needed to pay for this??) but my right side was little weak.Now PL1+2 are both children of the 60's but I must interject this story with the point that in this family PL1 is not shall we say as alternative as PL2 so PL2 was enthralled and PL1 shall we say....thinking it was MALARKEY!!!! Then PL2 told her about my pending ultrasound results and my ahem pee problems. She said that very often this is from a food allergy and she then had PL2 hold my collar and hold out her hand and then(and this is where she totally lost PL1 and I must say PL2 was becoming a bit sceptical) she ASKED ME if I was allergic to chicken and to beef! and tapped PL2's hand!! Pl1 was ROLLING HIS EYES and laughing. And being the proffessor that he is began to challenge her. Pl2 being the ever so polite one went along with it.....Well we left there( and we all think we noticed that Arch was walking a little better) and got home and there was a message from the Vet about my ultrasound...NO STONES!!! NO NOTHING!!! HOORRRRRAAAAAYYYY!!!!!! But here is the really really strange part....she said I do have 2 kinds of crystals in my pee and they were all talking about me and they think.....SIT DOWN FOR THIS ONE!!!!! that I may have A FOOD ALLERGY to CHICKEN AND OR BEEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So PL2 has to give them a list of everything I eat and they are going to take it to the Nutritionist.Is that freaky OR WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now PL2 is loving this stuff,PL2 thinks it is a crock of @#$ and PL2 said that if it works for Archie she is going to do it and PL1 said go ahead waste your money......

Sunday, February 17, 2008

One new toy,three ways to play with it.....

We got a new toy the other day.It is called a boomba(we have no IDEA why this is called this!!)It is a little tennis ball surrounded by this stuff(I don't know what else to call it) Well there are 2 approaches to this game,the first being Archies, which is to rope one of the PL's into playing it with you........

Then there is my approach which is to play with it myself while I try TO RIP IT TO SHREDS

Then there is this approach.I call it the entice your brother up onto the bed to have a good shred it apart bonding session..........

Then part two is"oh we dropped it.......)

Part three is to FLY off of the bed,grab both and steal them and then your brother will fall asleep in frustration....tee hee hee IT IS THE GREATEST GAME!!!!!!

Health Update in the A+A house

Well we thought we would update you on the health of the A+A house. As you can see by the video below Archie is not at all aware that he has a bum back or a dicey knee! He has been walking well and can even do the first 2 minor flights of steps up to the house but still has to be carried up the rest! (the rest of the THREE flights) If I may so say myself I THINK HE IS ENJOYING IT and I thought I even heard him say once.Wow what a view from up here, and third floor please, and gentlemans attire please. GEESH.Well we go to the chiropracter on Tuesday so we will tell you all about that.

As for me I am a little stressed out .You may remember a few months ago I had some "pee' problems. Well I had them again last night and had to go to the emergency room doctor and she said she thinks I have a bladder stone(s). BLADDER STONE!! I don't even like stones so how they got there is anyones guess. So on Tues morning I have to have an ultrasound and the Dr said if it is one kind of stone it will be a diet change and if it is! So I am hoping it is the diet kind myself and so is Arch and PL1+2. So Tues will be a busy day and we will have lots to tell you!!! We will show you the place we went for a walk yesterday(it was a garbage dump turned into a park..nothing but the best for us)Will show you that tomorrow!! And the new toys we got!!(mine is about gone)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Valentines Day Message

Add Glitter to your Photos

Well we are ready for fun and frolicking at Koobies party!!!!!Now although Archie really wants to be doing this

PL2 said NO WAY ARCHIE you have to relax and stay in the Lodge with Harry because you are going to see your Chiropractor Tues and we don't want MORE injuries.SO he is going to have a spot with Harry and he is also planning on using the jacuzzi............

In case you are wondering that is Lacie and Archie and I ahem am next to uh,SCRUFFY.

I can't WAIT to wear my new ski outfit.......


Weather Prediction:Freezing,Snow,Sleet and Rain for this afternoon

I'm waiting for Spring............

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A sucker in every crowd

PL2 is a sucker when it comes to buying us stuff and to stuff she sees in catalogs. Take for example the following items......This is supposed to be a dog pillow so when you go to sleep in your crate you can lie your little head peacefully on it and have lovely dreams. Now of course she got us each one. The directions said place it in your laundry bin or in your bed so it smells like you and then when your pet is asleep gently place it under their heads so they can see what it is. OK here's how it really went. First of all, do you see 2 pillows in the photograph below????

Only one right? As soon as PL2 gently placed Archies under his head so he would have nice dreams he immediately woke up, grabbed the pillow in his mouth and shook it violently destroying it in 2 1/2 nanoseconds.As for me????Well you may notice it is not in my crate. I dragged it out to my bomb shelter whilePL2 was looking and gently placed it in my mouth........
and then proceded to bring it into my bomb shelter where I violently shook it and destroyed it in 1/2 of a nansecond.
The following item is another thing she got suckered into. We have a lot of wood floors and they get REALLY dusty REALLY fast and she is sick of dusting them CONSTANTLY.What ,she thought, could possibly make this easier to do? and low and behold she found THESE in a catalog.........

They are funky slippers that look like..........MOPS underneath!!!!(please note that my brother is in the left hand side of the picture)...

So you walk around normally and while you are walking you are MOPPING THE FLOOR!!!(PL1 just shook his head when he saw these on her and burst out laughing )Archie was very interested in these slippers.......

And right after the next picture he GRABBED one, made a quick dash down the hall( the mistake was he did not wear the slipper to dust but rather shook it VIOLENTLY and)...well you can guess the rest of the story. We have no pillows to rest our heads on to have sweet dreams,PL2 is back using the swifter wearing one green shoe and can not do it with Archie around because he wants that other shoe BAD, and PL1 just waits for the next package to arrive in the mail......

A Tribute

Well we haven't posted in while because it was a bad week for us and we are heart broken. Our dearest cousin Mona passed over the rainbow bridge this week and we miss her very, very much. She was a lovely golden retreiver who was as sweet as could be, always smiling, always easy-going, always happy. She was devoted to her PLs (pack leaders) and wanted only to be where they were, whether it was out fishing in the middle of the ocean on Tommy's boat to keep him company, or at Susan's side while she read, taking a walk down to the harbor (a favorite outing!) or "stealing" toast from Susan's Dad, Joe (actually he always gave it to her, but she thought she was "getting away with something!"). This is a picture of PL2 with us and Tommy with Mona during a happy walk together at one of Mona's favorite places, the harbor.

So raise a toast to our dearest cousin Mona tonight my pals.....

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Awards ,Chiropracters Stuffies,and Baseball

Well Archie finally stopped crying and is starting to come out of it alittle.He decided he won't sleep in his Patriots bedroom until training camp starts again. And we have LOTS to tell you.We have been awarded 3 fabulous awards! Our pals the Canine Kids gave Archie this award:

as Archie was taking his injury so well( did I hear that right??? taking it so well????????????) Well it really did cheer him up thankyou!!!...and Jans Funny Farm gave us this lovely award.....Thankyou so much kids!!!! And our pal Koobie gave us this award:I think she meant to give it to me but included Archie as well(ONLY KIDDING) Thankyou dear little Koobie!!You have all cheered us right up!!!! We are going to sit down tonight and decide who to pass these on to!!! And Mumsie and Scruffy and Lacie and BabyStan sent PL2 these adorable stuffies that look just like us!!!!! And Lacie practiced her bandaging nursing skills where the knees are for Archie!!! But it is sad because PL2 doesn't really know how to destroy her stuffies and kill them.We tried to show her but to no avail.......

Now we realize that we never told you about our HOLISTIC visit last week because there was ALOT going on( and we would like to thank our hosts Joey,Tanner +Gussie for an absolutley FABULOUS time(we are going to try to get PL1+2 to move out there,the weather was great and it is so much fun and so much to do!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Well we went and this vet who we have known for a long time said it was BOTH HIS KNEE AND BACK!!! and perhaps his back was bad because of his knee ! Well this made great sense to the 4 of us!!! She gave us lots of supplements and then said we both need to go to a ............. CHIROPRACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will repeat that sentence WE BOTH need to go!!! Now as far as I was concerned I was moral support,so what up??? She said that because we are terriers and pull and strain to get to things( well duh that is our job) we pull on our backs and necks and knees etc and this would help! She also said that maybe that was why we have our little spats because Archie has a bad back and my nagging him sets him off. WELL I NEVER.. That shows you how good she is.... how about the fact that he tries to steal my food,bed,toys, you name it?? Think maybe that is it Miss Smarty Pants! PAH what does she we are also going for something that PL2 does not really know what it is,something like NAT and kinesiology to help with behaviour( I'll tell you what could help with behaviour but I would be using HBO words)This ought to be ripe,I am sure we will have a lot to tell all of you!!

So we continue on,adn we got to talking and decided that all in all it was a great season(except for the end of course) and now......IT IS 2 WEEKS TO BASEBALL SPRING TRAINING CAMP!!!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Crushed,heartbroken,sad.....all of the above.Archie can't stop crying.We just didn't play very well and the Giants defense was very good,and they got to Tom a big way.....
He can't even sleep in his Patriots bed he is so sad...............

What a Weekend!!!

What a weekend,we can't talk for long THE BIG GAME IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!! We went to the fabulous dance(see more on Asta's and Gussies and Joeys place)

Isn't this just great!!!!!

Here we all are,Asta and Agatha in dresses they bought that were copies of a 1940's dress,Jax,Koobie Cassify and Stella,Sophie and our FABULOUS hosts Joey and Gussie .We were waiting to go in to the dance.

Cassidy wanted to wear these shoes that Agatha brought to the dance and Agatha said NO WAY!!!! what if you fall and reinjure yourself????So don't worry the older girls are looking(well sort of) after the younger ones. Lacie was still getting ready and she missed the picture......

TENSION IS MOUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008


AIR RUBY WE ARE READY!!!!!! Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!

In case we haven't been totally clear about whom we are rooting for

we will give you some clue..........





Do you see who we are rooting for???Subtle huh!!!! We are so excited about this whole weekend we can hardly wait.Not only the greatest football the Super Bowl but also the greatest party ever with Joey,Tanner,Gussie AND ALL OF OUR FAVORTIE PALS!!!!! This is the Vespa Arch rented in case he gets tired,and it will fit right on Air Ruby......
This is what he really wanted to ride A PARTIOTS MOTORCTCLE but PL2 put her foot down.

But she doesn't know he also rented this when he wants to impress all the girls( Asta,Snickers,Sophie,Ruby,ect)

We packed a few goodies for the plane and now we are just going to wait for Air Ruby and all of our pals!!!!!!!!!!We will fill you in on Archies holistic adventures after the SUPER BOWL!!

GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!