Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Boy and HIs Funky New Toy

A boy,his toy...... no explanation really needed...I rest my case..... Love ,Agatha

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


YOU CAN NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!! This was THE BEST DAY!!!!! We were hanging around the kitchen with PL2 while she was making lunch and doing stuff and I guess we looked a little sad and blue(hee hee,,if you want to join my Agatha's Acting School,faces that will get you what ever you want or need give me a call ) + PL2 said,OK let's go.So we were a bit bewildered but we followed her and we got into the CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND WE ENDED UP HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now those of you who know us well know that this is our favorite place in the world and those of you who have just met us will find that out!!! It is a place to walk,go in the woods, HUNT!!!! dig, chase squirrels and chipmunks,see hawks,swim in the brook, chase your brother in a circle like a crazy dog and roach in the sweet grass and come home and sleep for 3 hours!!!!!! Now of course most of that has to be done when it is warm and there is grass....and when we can walk a long time.......But we didn't care..we were so happy to be there!!! We walked a short route because of Archies back(the Dr said we still have to be working up to his usual length and he did very well!! It was probably 3/4 of a mile) and we got to go a little in the woods and we HUNTED and dug a little and got wicked dirty.....ah the good old days. PL2 said she was sorry she forgot the camera because we looked like we were laughing the whole time(WE WERE!!!!) PL2 got really sad when we left becasue there was a really old Golden who was at the begining of the Arboretum with his 2 PL's and they had his bed there and they were fetching him sticks and branches. And PL2 said that's a good way to take in the sunshine and the Goldens PL said it is his last day and this was his favorite place in the world We didn't know what that meant but PL2 cried for the whole drive home.So all in all it was a great day and now we are going to take a little siesta........

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Life is good

Today on our early am walk we and PL2 saw some CROCUSES AND THE START OF
DAFFODILS!!!! It's still a little chilly but that is a good sign! AND today is OPENING DAY for our beloved Red Sox which means for us spring is officially here.As we speak it is tied 4-4.We really wanted to go but PL2 told us that it was in Japan and it might be a little hard for us to get there.We thought of asking Air Ruby but we know that all our DWB friends have their own teams they root for and there might not be a full plane(maybe just Archie and I) so we didn't want to bother her.Soooo we are watching it on TV with PL2 at 7 am(well it is in Japan) So life is good.........

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Why my brother will not win the Nobel Prize

Ok remember that cool board game we got?Well PL1 got an action packed movie of my brother playing it. Let's just say that when he goes to school to become a CIA agent it may take him awhile........

I think I resent that..........I did a fine job......................

Ho Hum........

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A tribute to our friend LacyLulu

Our good friend LacyLuLu has passed over to the rainbow bridge and she will be dearly missed by all of us at DWB,but most of all by her Mama and Papa.Run free amongst all of our dear friends and family that are there,LacyLuLu in the warm breezes with flowers and wind and no pain.You will be dearly missed. Agatha ,Archie and PL1+2

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

OK here are our hats!!!!!!!!

Well we are finally done celebrating...We didn't have a Nor'Easter(but it was not the best of weekends) so we hung around playing our new board game,sleeping and just bugging PL1+2. I told Arch that we had to start thinking about our hats entries for the hat contest being run by
Koobus .Since we were hanging around the houses(BECAUSE IT WAS FREEZING,WET AND YUCKY OUT AND WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO BUT HANG OUT) we both chose our hats.Archie somehow is under the impression that he would make a cool CIA agent(no I have no idea where this came from)

And I of course chose a hat that would be fitting for the Derby horse race in England

This may come as a complete shock to you but tonight we are getting snow and rain and sleet!!! We are shocked.............

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ah Spring(in a manner of speaking)

PL2 woke up today and saw rain rain rain........and cold cold cold...and she couldn't take it anymore and hopped into the car and drove here................well this is the parking lot of where she was,and she wanted you to see Boston in the way far left,but..actually you can't see it because of THE RAIN!!!!!!!!!

And then all of a sudden she saw this..........

And bowls of beautifull roses that smelled delicious(or so she said,we were not allowed HOW UNFAIR IS THAT????) She was at the New England flower Show which we New Englanders go to in droves because we are sick of the winter and cold and snow and it gives us hope that spring is on the way(that and the fact that baseball spring training has started!!) So here we go ladies gents and hammies the beginning of our famous Boston tours!!!!!!!!

Isn't that a cute little cottage??

Spring flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was made out of bamboo!!!

Oh boy!! An exhibit about OUR ARBORETUM!!!!(remember where the coyotes are and where you can roach you heart out and go swimming in the stream AND HUNT!!!!!!!!!!)

Look at these neat arrangements.PL2 is so envious of the people that had the artisitc talent to make them and each year says she is going to take a class...........

When Archie and I saw this dinner table arrangement we both thought that we should have our dinner served like this(and then Archie said that maybe when he goes to the movie with a certain someone they could set it up for him....)

Look at these big things!!!! How do they get these arrangements in side!!!!!

Well it is New England!!!

PL2 was wishing that we were there with her(Iwas??)and then she saw this and started to laugh!!!!!!!!!!

So she LOADED up with stuff for all of us...........
That's about as artistic as she can get...

And then she was walking around with these dried smelly flowers that she called lavendar that she said was supposed to be REALLY calming.....and put it in front of my crate.What's that all about??
So we are rejuvenated,the su n came out( from the whippets we know!!!!) and will hope that spring comes soon(even though PL2 just heard that we may be getting a Nor'Easter snow storm this weekend...grrrrrrrrrrrr

Monday, March 10, 2008

Life is good

We are back to normal,walking well at 1/2 hour slots ,will see the Chiropractor on Friday, have been a little calmer(PL2 wants to clarify the 2 1/2 hour walk a day we were talking about...1/2 hour when we get up,1/2 at lunch time, 1 hour in the afternoon,12-20 minutes at night and PL2 wants to know why she still can't lose weight) Now our only problem is after our weekend of monsoon rains and now freezing out again...WHERE IS THE SPRING????????????

Sunday, March 9, 2008

JULIUS WHO!!!!??????????/

Well the time has officially passed is over and I am Archie more Julius(although now Agatha is saying that I am not really a wire fox terrier and that I was adopted and that Julius is really my name) ,no more Jean Claude ,(although I gotta say the name is like a giant chick magnet..especially if said with a french accent) and PL2 has noticed something...I have ALWAYS been a bit worried and nervous even when I was a baby(AND I AM A WIRE FOX TERRIER AGATHA AND I WAS NOT ADOPTED)Here is a picture of me now.......

Here is a picture of my first days in my new home with my PL's.......

And here I am at our(OUR) breeders kennels(I am not with Agatha but with one of my other sisters,I was the only boy...)

Maybe I do look a little worried but what can I say??And here is my SISTER on our first few days at home. Note the evil grin ALREADY and she is already planning something.........

Friday, March 7, 2008

Part one:THE GAME Part two :THE TAG

No this not THE game this is just a pre game warm up(for those interested ie Jackson-time-13 seconds easy) OK speaking of Jackson this is THE game that PL2 got us because she is feeling sorry for us because we are literally shut in AND FULL OF A LOT OF PENT UP ENERGY!!! Now those of you who are terriers know what this means. The Chiropractor this week said that we have both "held" all of our points(which is a good thing) and I only have one more bone cracking visit.We are not sure how many Julius(that is Archie .He doesn't want anyone to know anything about him because he has 3 more days on the most wanted list) has left(but not too many I think). He has been upped to 1/2 mile walks twice a day.Now put that into perspective.That is about 20 minutes. Prior to all of all of our orthopaedic injuries we were walking 2 1/2 hours a day.....see what I mean about energy? And that is why PL1+2 are a little whacked out also.We did spend the morning together in the kitchen and I was coneless.Then PL2 had errands and she put that stupid cone on(temporary) and separated us. I decided it was kind of nice without Julius around so we have been separated since then.All will be well once we can WALK for longer than the time it took me to desqeek that stuffie. SO I digress.THE game....we once saw Jax playing with this and PL2 came across it in a catalogue AND BOUGHT IT!! It is way cool!!! We did have videos but mine was too dark and Archies ,oops I mean Julius, was ok until he got a little carried away pushing the little doors aside and started WHACKING the whole across the floor, and PL2 dropped the camera and it was still filming and we decided best not to show that clip! You hide food(or your PL does) under the door and then you have to find it!!!! (this was taken when I was still Supreme Allied Commander)It is a lot of fun.

Now Asta and Sam's PL's have tagged us also and it is a book tag.We were going to use the book that Julius ate a while ago( in fact the other day PL1 came into the kitchen and said did you give Archie that book to play with since he wrecked it? And PL2 said NO!!! )He had taken it off the kitchen table and was "rereading"it)Well since page 123 seems to missing in the book Julius is "reading"(see below)we are letting PL2 take this tag......Here are the RULES:

1. Grab the nearest book of 123 pages or more.

2. Open it to page 123.. Find the first 5 sentences and write them down.

4. Then invite 5 friends to do the same.

There seems to be a theme in what all of our PL's are reading. PL2 is (also an AVID)a mystery buff(especailly British) PL2 is reading the new Patricia Cornwall mystery and she said it is WICKED) remember,that is a Boston term) good!!!!!!!!

He carries a tackle box,a camera slung over his shoulder as he walks the beach in Hilton Head to carry out his mission.He sits and opens the tackle box and takes out a freezer bag full of special sand then small vials of pale violet glue.With the flashlight he illuminates what he is doing.He squeezes glue over the palmar surfaces of his hands.He plunges them one at a time into the sand.

Now PL2 is not up on who has and hasn't done this yet, so please feel free to consider yourself tagged!! It is fun!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

FREE AT LAST ,FREE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies and Gents and Hammies,I AM A FREE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!(sort of)

Finally my Vet called(he was out of town) He is an awfully nice man and was very sorry that this has happened to us.So here is the answer:

In the state of Massachewsitts no matter what kind of bite, it must be reported to the town you live in,because of fear of rabies. You are in quarantine in case you give rabies to someone else(shocking)It is a law,but ahem how shall we say seasoned practitioners(like our vet) who know TERRIER SIBLINGS AND ESPECIALLY US, would not have reported me(He said he would not have) however she was doing the "right thing" by law. However nothing will happened because 1. We are up to date on our shots and 2 he asked if PL had been contacted by the town( this was a week ago) and we haven't, and he said we won't be. There is also no limit on how many times you can be reported(I can stop shaking now,and I can change my name back from Julius to Archie. Sophie told me to change it to Jean-Claude and flee the border which I was seriously thinking about but I can't speak french).He was ever so apologetic and was sorry that the vet on call had upset us so and not properly explained it.So technically I have 3 days left of my horror, I can stop shaking and PL1 and 2 can relax and not worry that I will be treated a s a hardened criminal the rest of my life due to a sentence that was unjust

Can you see the bags under my eyes?That's from fretting and worry..... Archie aka Julius aka Jean-Claude

We are still here!!!!!!!!

Well we have alot to report but we only have 2 minutes at the computer because PL2 says she has LOTS of stuff to do today because she worked the last 2 days.I have (sort of) made up with my brother(he still has 3 days left as the worlds most wanted).PL2 is still waiting for an answer(call in today!!!) we HAVE not received any more french fries(and found out it costs a lot of money to start your own franchise,sorry Pacco) we got a new game that we once saw Jackson playing with so we will tell you all about that, and this morning we were together again in hte house(we have been taken short walks together) and I am being trialed off my collar( so no more Supreme Allied Commander for now unlesss I am naughty...WHO ME?????besides no one will know what hapens in MY bomb shelter)The Chiropracotr rocks( or should I cracks??ha a litle joke there)OK we will be back later with all the news that's fit to print.....Love the ex Supreme Allied Commander