Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Well you all may be wondering how our day went yesterday.It started with me going to the Animal Hospital for my ultrasound. I was quite the model patient until the technician came to get me for the test.....and I WOULD NOT BUDGE..Hey look I am NO FOOL!!! I listen to my brother( he had xrays you know...) but I was outwitted because she picked me up....blast...It wasn't bad and I got to eat 12,000 cookies because PL2 felt so sorry for me.So the Vet said she would call us with the results.So Archie and I spent the day hanging out(He is making a VALIANT attempt to come into my bomb shelter but I DID NOT BUDGE.Also did you notice the 2 red boombas under there???ha ha ha)

So our appoinment was at 6:30pm right in the middle of rush hour which went over well with the PL's.So we got there and the Dr was explaining what she does which is chiropratic kinesiology(or that is what PL2 thinks she said)so she had PL1 hold on to Archie's collar and then he held out his hand and she pressed points on Archie and tapped on Pl1's hand.If the point on Archie was weak PL'2"s hand would go down and that is how she could tell where Archie's weak points were.Then she took this thing that looked like a hole puncher and pressed on the weak points She said that his pelvis was twisted and he was compensating with his left side. She also said that it seemed like he had a front face type injury when he was young(one of PL's friends actually did drop him on his first day home RIGHT ON HIS HEAD!!! true story!)Then she did me and said I was a lot stronger(And they needed to pay for this??) but my right side was little weak.Now PL1+2 are both children of the 60's but I must interject this story with the point that in this family PL1 is not shall we say as alternative as PL2 so PL2 was enthralled and PL1 shall we say....thinking it was MALARKEY!!!! Then PL2 told her about my pending ultrasound results and my ahem pee problems. She said that very often this is from a food allergy and she then had PL2 hold my collar and hold out her hand and then(and this is where she totally lost PL1 and I must say PL2 was becoming a bit sceptical) she ASKED ME if I was allergic to chicken and to beef! and tapped PL2's hand!! Pl1 was ROLLING HIS EYES and laughing. And being the proffessor that he is began to challenge her. Pl2 being the ever so polite one went along with it.....Well we left there( and we all think we noticed that Arch was walking a little better) and got home and there was a message from the Vet about my ultrasound...NO STONES!!! NO NOTHING!!! HOORRRRRAAAAAYYYY!!!!!! But here is the really really strange part....she said I do have 2 kinds of crystals in my pee and they were all talking about me and they think.....SIT DOWN FOR THIS ONE!!!!! that I may have A FOOD ALLERGY to CHICKEN AND OR BEEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So PL2 has to give them a list of everything I eat and they are going to take it to the Nutritionist.Is that freaky OR WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now PL2 is loving this stuff,PL2 thinks it is a crock of @#$ and PL2 said that if it works for Archie she is going to do it and PL1 said go ahead waste your money......


Gus said...

Um....muzzer has a friend who is sort of "alternative" but in a nice way. Diann is always reading my paw or something and telling Muzzer what is wrong with my food and stuff. But I really don't wanna be a vegemarian dog. But Diann gives great doggie massages.

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Baaaaa....Baaaaa....Lamb and Rice...go for it's not chicken or beef...I'm brilliant...and just mail the check directly to me.

Mumsie is giggling pretty hard...poor seems to be hard for the male half to keep an open mind bout things. I bet there was a lot of eye rollin' going on...did you answer when she asked you the questions?

Mumsie might see an alternative vettie bout my seizures...guess we have to see what our reg. vettie sez first..she refuses to take me cuz Babystan is gettin' his almonds removed on Friday...she has this new thing bout only one dog/week at the vets. harumph.

Tell him I'll text him.
Pee Ess Scruffy seems like he's been doin' a lot of textin' recently too, huh Ags?????

Joe Stains said...

hooray for no stones, but weird on the crystals. maybe you should eat gourmet stuff like duck and caviar and ummm cat poo? We loved the video!!

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey pals, so glad to hear that you don't have bladder stones, Agatha. They're no fun, believe me! Here's hoping the crystals can be controlled by diet. We were laughing here about PL1 being sceptical. J2 is like that too whereas J1 would try ANYTHING if she thought it would help me! The chiropractor does sound a little weird, but if she was right, then you can't knock it! J x

Noah the Airedale said...

Crikey no chicken or beef that is crap...Now don't settle for vego food ok!!! You deserve the best.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Yeah for no stone. Are you going to change your diet? You looks pawsome in that video

~ Girl girl

Stanley said...

Hey, Agatha & Archie!!

I am finally BACK (for a little while). I've got my girl rolling on her thesis and I had to come by to catch up.

I totally know what you mean about not knowing how much of that stuff to believe. So, Agatha. The real question is, what did you say to the doctor when she asked if you were allergic to chicken or beef? That's what *I* really want to know.

Keep the vids coming, you guys! I love to see you in action!!!

Goober love & smooches,

Stella said...

Ohhhhh, Agathaaaaaaa!

Sweet Aggie girl! Maybe someday I can come visit your bomb shelter, fren. Who knows. It could happen.

I laugh in the face of all the mumbo jumbo funky medimical advice you're getting, and I hope you find out what is wrong, but that it won't change anything you're eating!

Goobette love & kissies galore,

Cassidy said...

Hmm, mummy says she can be a bit dubious about stuff, but that is a bit spooky! Me only has lamb of salmon food cos mummy heard that lots of dogs can be allergic to beef and chicken.

Cassidy x

Katie said...

LOL, we loved your story. Our mom thought it was interesting, but is reserving judgment til later stories. We do have a friend who is allergic to beef, but chicken?? hmmm. We will follow this with interest!

We are glad you guys are getting better!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh my, you were dropped when you were just a pup? That sounds terrible! I'm glad there was no big damage from that fall.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Sophie Brador said...

Ha ha ha! I just love that post, because I am also a child of the 60s (I used to dance around on our red and hot pink paisely carpet that my parents let me pick out for the rumpus room in the basement with the red vinyl upholstered bar to Aquarius when I was a kid!). I fall right in the middle of you two, except that I constantly do battle with myself. One day, I would be sucking it up like it was magic and the next day calling it a load of crap. My rational side is always getting in the way of all the fun. But I really want to hear how this one turns out.


Asta said...

Ummm that's eeewie...I love that you don't have stones, and it's quite considewate of them to ask you about youw allewgies, afftew all you awe the patient..what's so weiwd about that???...I can just pictoowe the eye wolling hehehehe..but what the H#$&, I think this stuff may just wowk..
fwom youw pal who is a child of two childwen of the sixties, hehe
smoochie kisses
pee ess..Crystals awe pwetty, maybe we could all have new necklaces..just a thought

Lenny said...

Agatha, you had a big day! I'm glad that there are so many people taking good care of you and Archie, no matter what their methods. I am vegetarian. I hope you don't have to be because it's no fun.

Your friend, Lenny

Frasier said...

Glad there were no stones....
Thats a cozy shelter!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Agatha and Archie!
Sure is nice to hear that Agatha does not have stones!
The story withthe other vet was funny and scary! She knew something!
I hope you will not be on an ugly diet!
Kisses and hugs

erin said...

Hehehe... I loved reading your story. I love that the doctor asked you if you had allergies! Did the doctor first explain to you what allergies are?

Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...

Hi guys,
My Dad is the same with your PL1, but my Mom is not! She a believer with that stuff, so I suffer from it.hahah
Mom also says that have to watch all poultry, include duck. I love fish, but my breath...... anyone want a kiss??

Patience-please said...

Yay to no stones!!! Yay and Yay!!

happy wags from the whippets

cookie said...

Hi A and A,
Happy about no stones. Don't let them put you on rabbit food. Sometime you just have to say "where's the beef?"...
My mom tried to give us gren beans, but I'm smart enought to eat around them!

Cookie and crew

Maya and Kena said...

We're glad it's not stones.. but we hope the crystals aren't too bad. No chicken or beef... well we can't say anything really because our humans only give us our kibble and nothing else. But everydoggy thinks they taste delicious.. so I guess it's a bad thing if you're allergic to them.
Hope everything goes well!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena
PS. We also had fun drinking hot chocolate with Archie! :D

Urban Smoothie Read said...

HURRAY!!! so happy for u....

12,000 pcs of cookie?...i bet u had problem finishing it...let me give u a paw...

The Black and Tans. said...

Gosh A and A what a week you had with all those appointments.
Good news there are no stones!
We have something for you , come over and see our blog!
Have a grrreat weekend
Molly and Taffy

the many Bs said...

wowee, that's some heavy stuff. we don't know if we are going for it or not. but good news on the ultrasound anyway.

it's too bad that your PLs have to disagree, but that alternative stuff is pretty 'out there'. our mom would agree with whatever would help us. too bad that for Benson, it's the S word **surgery**. but mom says 'whatever works', so okay then.

we eat venison and duck and rabbit and salmon in our dog foods. we have no complaints....


squareface said...

Hi Guys, We also are allergic to Chicken & Beef. We can only have Hake fillets or Ostrich meat. We can also just have Royal Canine Hypo-Allergenic food.
It works for us. Maby you should try it.
Squareface & Pickles