Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lord Stanley is back in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we have been a bit busy.... Our hockey team the Boston Bruins have been in a championship the last couple of weeks.....
AND THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the teams logo.......

And this is the Stanley Cup. Each year it goes to the team that has won and they keep it until the next championship.....The whole team gets their names on it..Each player gets to keep it for one day and they do all kinds of fun things with it( like take it to the hospitals so the kids can see it and they take it all over town to different places. The cup itself has a lot of mystique and is most beloved here in the USA and in Canada
It is called The Stanley Cup because of Lord Stanley a Governor General in Canada in1892 He donated it as a hockey award and VOILA the beginning of the Stanley Cup!

AND NOW WE GET TO KEEP IT FOR A YEAR!!!! We were not really supposed to win and were a bit of the underdog so that makes it even more special!

This is Timmy Thomas the Goal tender( I have a little crush on him and so does Lacie hee hee)
So we have these cool Duck Boats that take tourists all around the city and then convert into boats and go into the water! And they put the team into these boats and had a parade all over the city!!!

Pl2 FLEW out to get shirts this morning but they didn't have bandannas for us ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Archie loves this player Chara because he is 6 foot 9 which is really big for a hockey player and Archie thinks that is cool. Now you know we are an avid sports town and an avid sports family.And since 2002 we have won SEVEN championships amongst all of our sports teams!!!!

Our beloved Celtics basketball won one( I have a little crush on Kevin Garnett who is holding the trophy hee hee)

Our beloved Red Sox won 2( of course with a lot of our help)

Our football team the Patriots have won three( and everyone knows Archie played a BIG hand in that)This coach Belichik with Tom Brady the quarterback( I have a little crush on him too )

Tommy in action

It is exhausting to be sports fan here...........

Saturday, June 4, 2011

What we do best Part Two

Isn't this great? This has been the best day....... so much to do here That is why we NEVER get tired of it
The next movie is what I have been waiting ALL WINTER for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guess whose feet these are

Yep ARCHIES He is not really much of a swimmer like I am

He would rather sit with PL1 and watch stuff(like my Esther WIlliam moves in the water)

A lovely rhodidendrum

Archie always takes time to smell the flowers

A lot of time....

This one is such a pretty color...
This move is not easy.. a half sidewalk half grass roach.........

We were really tired.. I am just resting my eyes a little.......... 


Arch just checking out that all is well....

Munching on sticks......

Turn up the sound really loud.. While we were sitting munching and watching this is what we were listening to....
Look at the color of this!!!!!

on our way out we saw these little teeny yellow flowers...........And then we slept for HOURS !!!(Pl2 says that is an extra bonus... hmmmph)