Friday, January 28, 2011

How to keep amused when there is twelve hundred feet of snow

PL2 got Photoshop for her birthday.So far all she can do is open it up.. More to follow(she hopes...)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

CRACKER DOG ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 So listen, we had to rush and place our entry for the cracker dog section of Mango Minster....Now come on , did you think the King and Queen of CRACKER DOG TERRIERS would pass this up? The only problem was that in the 8000(no kidding that is how many she really has) pictures of us PL2 was having trouble finding the ones she wanted.... When we read the descriptions of the category (I read them aloud to PL2 and Archie) Archie kept saying Check, Check Check.. WE PASSED EVERY description!!! We think this little film sums it all up and we know it is one you have already seen but we think it is the essence of cracker dog.........

If we win I might wear this to pick up my award.......

Digging??? HA!!!! Even he digs
I taught him all he knows......(well that isn't really true.. He is my coach....)

Sigh... If we win he wants to wear this.....



Trying to figure out how to get the toy she hid on top of the bookcase( a true terrier spirit of investigation)


And of course cracker dog terrier feet......

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One toy, 2 ways to play with it

Note who has taken the outer part off and who has not... Just saying.........

Friday, January 7, 2011

Aunty Ami and our wonderful painting

This is hard to believe really but PL1 and 2 had dogs before us....The dog right before us was called Reggie and he was a Welsh Terrier..........
He was named after Reggie Jeeves from PG Wodehouse (our names come from Wodehouse as well!)
He was a great pup we are told and beloved by all.......
LOOK there is he doing the SAME THING WE DO!!!!!!
He slept JUST LIKE ARCHIE!!! In fact sometimes Archie acts JUST LIKE REGGIE!!!! And he was naughty like Arch as well( on the frig there is a half eaten $20 dollar bill. figure it out)

He loved to sit where I sit and look out and people called him the Mayor of the street...

See the upper right picture of him?? That was PL1+2's favorite picture of him. It was a lovely day and they had had a lovely walk and life was good. You could see it in his eyes. So when PL1's birthday came around PL2 thought it would be nice to get Aunty Ami paint that picture for PL1.... because Aunty Ami paints the most beautiful pictures in the world.... And PL2 had her send it to her downstairs neighbor so PL1 wouldn't see it.. And when PL2 went downstairs to open it with her neighbor there(who also loved Reggie) they both cried when they opened it because it was like he was right them again with them.....and he had that wonderful look in his eyes.. she got it just right.....

They haven't framed it yet because they are trying to get just the right frame......But they feel like like he is back home with them... and that makes them and us very happy. Thank you Aunty Ami,from the bottom of our hearts.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


So every year Boston has something called First Night(Lots of cities followed our lead and have their own First Nights now) There are early fireworks(for the children) and late fireworks( for the grownups) and a GAZILLION things to do(parades, singers, dancer, mime, things to buy and play with,we could go on and on..) So PL1+2 decided to go downtown early before the actual festivities started to see the famous ice sculptures..( of note.. it was 50 degrees out yesterday!!!!)They wanted to come home and have Chinese food because they are old fuddy duds and don't do huge crowds well...) We didn't go because we got up early and went to our Arboretum for an early morning romp in the snow and we were pooped.....

This is the Brattle Book Shop..It has nothing to do with NYE however they can't go anywhere without going to a book store and this is one of their favorites

It has all these neat books outside as well......
People are started to come in to the city early.. There are trillions of people in the city starting around 6pm..... doesn't the State House look pretty?
The Paramount and Opera House.... 
Only in Boston do you you see bobble head toys of Sam and John Adams and Ben Franklin!!

Archie liked this picture because of all the toilets...that must be a boy joke..
Kids playing in the common

One of the smaller ice sculptures

Two kids giving each other a little lip...
Archie loves this guy the balloon man and wants to apprentice with him.....
Here is the Frog Pavillion which is in the Common
And here is what they are doing!!
More Ice Sculptures
People starting to arrive(and it is only2 pm)
Everybody is watching......
Them put together this ice sculpture.OF EGYPTIAN DOGS!!!!!!
PL2 loved this and wants one.. a Dunkin Donuts coffee truck(like there isn't a DD on every corner!!)
Taking a pic of the guy taking a pic!
An ice sculpture we couldn't see
Our wonderful library
News people getting ready 
Blowers  and hats ready to be bought

What it really looked like at night!(from the newspaper)

And of course the final fireworks!!