Thursday, September 22, 2011

PB AND J and French Bread

So the summer is over and fall is here.Arch and I thought we would welcome fall in  in a culinary way
 Exhibit A...... That would be me..You see PL2 went to the store and took us. We waited in the car  and slept.Then she stopped at the French bakery....and bought a baguette...... YUMMY WE LOVE THIS BAKERY!! SHe always gets a little roll and we munch on it in the car.. So we came home, went up the stairs AND JACKPOT!! She put the bag with bread ONT HE FLOOR to get her keys out.. REPEAT ON THE FLOOR ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? ON THE FLOOR? Exhibit A is what was left of the baguette after I SNATCHED THE TOP( and maybe a bit more) OFF THE TOP and ate it really really fast. PL2 said I looked like a snake eating something large... I sort of didn't want to eat it slowly because welll YOU KNOW WHY so i kind of didn't chew it!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA but then Archie looked like he was going to cry because he didn't get any so she had to give him a piece...... and that is what was


Exhibit B? That is Archie... still on the quest to get PL2's PB and J sandwiches ....