Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cute happy new year 2011 pictures

HELLO dearest pals!! We are here to wish all of you a happy healthy and peaceful New Year. We have missed all of you dearly and will be better in the new year. Archie and I hope that this new year brings all of us many lovely treats and toys and new beds and stuffies and   WAIT A MINUTE............We better think this through or PL2 will butt in and say something about thinking of others and stuff... We are thinking of those who have crossed over to the Bridge and we miss them a lot, and we are sending prayers for all of our pals who are ill, and of course we hope for a world full of peace and joy and happiness....and really is it so awful to wish for just one stupid little stuffie and maybe a few cookies? (she just said that was ok and she said to tell of you that she loves you to bits and wishes all of you the same...)

HAPPY NEW YEAR PALS!!!!!!!!!! from your pals A+A