Friday, November 30, 2007

An extremely important matter

I have taken verboten the words from our friends Jake and Harry and Axel(who brought this all to attention) and Asta and Bussie and Gussie.This is such a horrible thing and we MUST do something about it. There are so many of us we can make a difference.Come on our blogger friends,let's all UNITE!!!

Here's the story, with thanks to Axel and others who have put all this together. Marc-Andre Laporte, 59, was found guilty of two counts of animal cruelty at the St. Jerome courthouse in Montreal this week, following the seizure of 97 fox terriers in November 2005 from his Blainville puppy mill. Judge Jean Sirois rejected Laporte's argument that he loved his dogs too much. When police raided the property, they found dogs matted in feces feeding on dogs' carcasses and stronger dogs preying on weaker ones. Click here -- if you have a strong stomach -- to see the photos: 40 animals had to be destroyed. Laporte's home was later condemned and demolished in March 2006. The surviving dogs were cared for by the SPCA and later, with the help of devoted fox terrier lovers, found wonderful foster homes where they have been living for the past 2 years. Despite his horrendous treatment of these innocent creatures, Laporte, who wil be sentenced on February 22, 2008, is facing only six months of jail time and up to $4,000 in fines. At the same hearing, the judge is to decide if Laporte is to get any of his fox terriers back!WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN. The surviving mill fox terriers took months to recover physically, medically and emotionally from their ordeal. To even consider removing ONE wire from the safety and care of their loving foster families back to Laporte is OUTRAGEOUS!Today we are launching a two-fold campaign to prevent Laporte from getting his dog/s back. We know we can count on you to take action and spread the word:1: Please go to to sign the online petition that has been set up. Once all the signatures are entered, it will be printed out and given to Elizabeth Pierce who has been instrumental in saving and caring for the Blainville wires, for distribution to the media (unfortunately it is illegal in Canada to hand petitions to the court).2: Please take a few minutes to write a letter to Judge Jean Sirois imploring him to prevent Laporte from ever taking possession of his former fox terriers or of owning any dog again. If you can, include a photo of yourself and your foxie/dog. All the letters received will be put in a file and also handed to the media.Letters should be mailed to: Elizabeth Pierce, 119 16th Street, Roxboro, Québec, Canada. The sentencing hearing is February 22, 2008 – so write those letters soon. Please disseminate this information on your blogs, to your fellow dog owners etc. Thank you for your support in this important matter.Remember, this could have happened to any of us or our friends. It's not just about wire fox terriers. It's about treating all animals with the love and respect they deserve

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dreaming of being a rap star

While sleeping at Agatha's post Archie had dreams of being a big rap star."Put your paws in the air like you just don't care" would be his first big hit.........

Rap Master A
Add Glitter to your Photos

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our Day

We had an action packed day today.......

#1 We woke up

#2We went out for a 45 minute walk

#3 We had breakfast

#4We slept

#5 We ate a marrow bone

#6We went out for a 1 hour and 20 minute walk around the resevoir and at the same time
tried to protect the world from the geese

#7We took a nap

#8We went to pick up PL1 in the car

#9We ate

#10 we did the following

#11 And then this.......

And now finally after 12 hours what PL2 has been waiting for........

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Doing the leaves

Well.yesterday PL2 did the leaves in the driveway and we were inside watching(and then we fell asleep) Well today she woke up and PL1 said to her,"You had better look out the window" When she was done yesterday,she looked up and there had been ONE tree left with leaves on it....and guess what??!! Over night it decided to all fall down directly over where she had raked.To say she was not pleased would not be exactly right(especially since she spent the evening in the bath tub because her back was killing her and she kept popping Advil)So this time she decided that she needed extra help and grabbed us. This first video is us assessing the situation.You can see all the leaves( yesterday it was bare there when she was done!!)

Here I am trying to get Archie to be just a little bit more serious about the whole thing because PL2 was really saying a lot of naughty things under her breathe.

PL2 wanted us to show you how many bags she did yesterday!!! Thankfully we only had to fill one more today.But then we were really really tired again.......

It really is exhausting helping around the house....................

PL2 wants me to tell you to go to this website Of course we ALL know who TinTin is!!!!!Just the cutest WFT comic book character) OK ,now there is a game here that is ADDICTING that PL2 wants you to play because she can't stop playing this stupid thing...The game she is addicted to is Pousse Pousse.....

Goodnight all!!!!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Another fabulous award +post turkey exhaustion

Our dear friends Butchy and Snickers gave us this award(in the middle of dealing with their turkey invasion...check out their blog!!)

In their words " The Community Blog Award celebrates people who reach out and make the blogger community a better one. It also underlines the importance of a blog's readership community, one of the most rewarding parts about blogging. It's the people that come back to comment, adding to the conversation, making you feel like someone is listening and interested"We would like to give this award to our littlest pal Girl Girl as she does exactly all of

that!!! Thank you B+S!!!!!!

We started out the day with me going into to Archies crate to check out what was going on in there and tidy it up a little( he is such a slob).He did get a little angry and try to do a "takedown" but we were both so exhausted that we fell asleep..........

Then PL2 decided it was so pretty out and the driveway was so full of leaves that she would rake them up(before it snows and she can't get the car out because she didn't rake and the leaves are frozen and slippery like last year.......)I thought I would watch out the window....

But I just could not keep my eyes open......

Archie decided he would go to the front onto MY POST and check out the action in the front..........

He didn't even get that far.........So we are signing off because we are pooped and will come back tommorow with some great adventures( at least we hope so.....) Love A+A

Saturday, November 17, 2007

An Award

Our sweet pal Asta gave us this award,which in her words:

" this award is presented to a successful blogger, one who can “be the blog” - making it their own, staying with it, interacting with the readers, and just plain having fun." Well we thought who would we would like to award this to?
Asta down under + her footie woes?
Axel the original blog boy?
Barkalot Boys-who amuse us with their stories?

Buster- our politically correct pal?

Butchy and Snickers-whose stories on kois,clothes and adventures keep us amused?

Faya our Swiss snow girl?

Fee-who makes us LOL?

Jackson-the most proper WFT around?

Katie,Zorra and Sam who are our agility experts?

Koobus who makes us laugh with her car and stories?

Lenny who has THE best costumes?
Mango+Party who gave us Fee?
Scruffy +Lacie who are ALWAYS in hot water?
William Tell with the best chicken stories?
the 4 B's who have the best stories of pack life?
Amber Mae our tennis ball queen?
Balboa with the best captions?
Blue with the best updates on England and life?
Harry + Cassidy with all their new adventures?
Charlie and his backyard escapades?
Dory our Boston buddy?
GG our Favorite hammy pal?
Joey and Tanner who make us laugh so hard we cry?
Lorenza and her beautifull dresses?
Ozzy+ Romeo +their brotherly adventures?
Ludo and his wood roaming adventures?
Maggie + Mitch and their fabulous tales of Aire life?
Marvin + his fabulous Scottish tales?
Max+all the adventures?
Mojo + his cute puppy escapades?
Noah + the girls + their Aussie adventures?
Molly+ Gerty +their fabulous vacations?
Pacco + her wonderfull contest stories?
Precious + her just darn cute stories?
Ruby +her fabulous jet??
Sophie B ahhh the philosopher and movie star?
Stanley + Stella our main man + sissie stories?
the Thuglets + their Aire pack adventures (+digging!)
Wally who makes us LOL and is so wonderfull?

The bottom line is we love all of you very dearly and all of your adventures and anxiously wait to read all of your stories. PL2 sits and wonders how Stannie + Stella are doing and what Butchy + Snickers did today and how Jax is feeling today....... We love you all very much and want to give this award to everyone!!!!!!! Phew I am wiped out now...........

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Well I am feeling much better and thankyou to everyone for all your kind words.Excuse me a minute..Archie could you change the channel to the Animal Planet and get my tea and cookie?..OK here I am again....Since it is a rotten day out and because PL2 is off and feeling a wee bit sorry for me as I have been sick..hold on..Archie not that one,get me the other one,,tee hee being sick is a blast..She took us to OUR FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD...


Here is a picture of the outside...really cool purple huh!!!!!!!

And this is in the window..........

Not only is this the GREATEST place to shop ,if you are a little stinky you CAN GET A WASH AND BLOW DRY THERE!!! Your PL does it!!!How cool is that!! I got a bath there after my great skunk adventure(it wasn't pretty... )The "bathing area" is under the Pet Caberet sign in the next picture

Next to PL1+2 these 2 women are our FAVORITE people...This is Lisa(PL2 caught her in the middle of working and off guard!!!!)

And this is Lisa also( same names...COOL!) (PL2 caught her working hard too) Plus PL2 had a hard time getting pics as we were MANIACS in there(I know,hard to believe)

Lisa wanted me to show everyone this FABULOUS new toy they got in(we didn't get it)

Lisa and Lisa just got a new puppy named Panda.She is a FABULOUS product tester as you can see below.ALL that stuff IS OURS!!! Look carefully she is on the counter!! and Panda is checking the toys we picked to make sure they are appropriate.

Noow check this out....Let's see.what could be the advantages of having your owners have a pet store...hmmmmm let's think.....LOOK AT HER BED!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to take you on a quick tour of our heavenly store.......Look at all these treats!! And all the stuff is healthy stuff and good for you!!!!!

Yummy healthy food........

Look at these cool a rainbow!!!!!

Here we are deciding which toy to choose.......

Look at all these toys!!!!!

Now this is Archies FAVORITE part of the whole shop..a virtual smorgsborg(or doggy cafeteria as Lisa and Lisa call it)PL2 usually has to stand back because he has been known TO STEAL THINGS from there!! Not only that he gets REALLY possessive about it and tries to fight me over it( I know I know hard to believe)

PL2 got so much stuff it was in a GIANT shopping bag!!!!

Our sweet potato snacks( a pup just CAN NOT be without them)

And these are new treats just in...Lisa made PL2 eat one because she said theywere so delicious and THE 2 OF THEN WERE EATING THEM!!!!!!!(PL2 here...It's true I did and it was really delish!!!

Here are the toys we picked out(well I picked them Archie was too busy trying to get to the bully sticks)Didn't Panda do a great job???

PL2 wanted me to add this( geesh it's our blog) and anyway I can't help it I'm having "issues"

PL2 got us these cookies just for being good kids..LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THEM!!!!I have enclosed videos of us eating them and I am hoping that the delicious crunching sounds will entice you..

And if that wasn't enough she took us to our favorite Jamaca Pond so we would get a walk in before the torrential rains.....Now she forgot the camera in the trunk but she took a shot back in the car.Can you see all those cars up in the left???It was a ton of police cars,police, and police divers and an ambulance. Being the avid British mystery buff that she is she thought there had been A MURDER!! But they were really doing training exercises(a murder.....geesh....) When we walked by, one of the policeman patted Archie and said "Hi little fellow"Ha Ha hee hee Hi little fellow,I was rolling. When they saw me they said"Inspector........." Now that's better.......

So if you ever come to visit or if you live ANYWHERE near The Pet Cabaret YOU HAVE TO GO! Go check out their web site!!!! We are taking a serious nap.........................

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Agatha Update

Archie here...Well Agatha's Vet(well really mine too) called and said she has a whopping urinary tract infection. And the medicine she was on wasn't the right one for that bug so PL2 had to go and get her the right medicine.I hope this one works because I gotta tell you,she hasn't been an easy patient.She is,shall we say...a LITTLE TESTY(yep.more so than usual)I am going to take care of her.........

What she doesn't know( but I do because I heard the phone call) is that after the medicine is finished she has to go back to the Vet and they have to get another sample to see if those crystals things are still there...I hope that doesn't mean another temperature again because she is still talking about that one.


She has to be on medicine for a while which is easy to give because she will eat ANYTHING......

Maybe the Vet could slip some of these in..............

Well I am going to be a good brother and take care of her..........I have made a GENORMOUS concession and have even allowed her to go on my bed.........

However I would like to make this perfectly clear.. it is a temporary thing..I repeat temporary....Because I know as soon as she feels a little better( which will be soon) she will go and hide all the toys in her bomb shelter. While she is resting she seems to have been on the phone a lot with Stella,Stanleys new sissie, talking about some brother training program.......I have to go watch Dr Kildare to get some tips......