Thursday, October 4, 2007

Our Day

WHAT a beautiful day today! It was lovely( and hot!!) out and PL2 had the day off so off we went to our favorite spot..The Harvard Arboretum!!!Our next Earthdog( and 2cd I should add) Event is coming up so we felt we should practice a little.

After a good dig there is nothing like a good roaching....don't worry about Archie he had just roached for about 5 hours and PL2 thought she had it on the camera....but.....

All this activity ( and not to mention the heat and 85 degree weather and the fact that it was high noon and the hottest time of the day....) makes a couple of kids want to go swimming, Note my Esther Williams like maneuvers,,I just have to learn how to back paddle with my paws up in the air. It took Arch awhile to go in as he is not into swimming like I am.

Of course once cooled off what else can a couple of WFT"S kids do but CHASE EVERY SQUIRREL AND CHIPMUNK and any leaf or piece of paper that moves in the wind!!!!!! This is a section of the Arboretum that we call Squirrel land...because there are a MILLION of them.Now as we are a bit naughty( I know hard to believe) and don't come when called( except in the enclosed tennis court when there is cheese involved) we are not allowed off lead to catch these suckers, so what does PL2 think? Of course her arm is going to come out of the socket. Simple solution really.....FIGURE IT OUT...( we would be still running and probably in NYC at Asta's house looking for more squirrels!!) Hope everyone had a nice day!! Stan,where are you at with that new cameraman??Love A+A


Girl Girl Hamster said...

You doggies sure have a good time digging, roaching and playing with water. :)

~ Girl girl

Gus said...

Oh what fun, particularly the squirrel part. I love to chase the little varmints, but muzzer NEVER lets me catch any. Maybe this weekend at Butcho's party,huh?

Asta said...

You guys have the best outings..I'm coming to move in with you OK?
Gweat digging,gweat woaching,you do need a little wowk on the bweast stwoke Agatha,,and why awe you being shy Archie?? Thewe's plenty of squiwwels hewe too..come ovew and we'll get some!
Today it took Daddi five minutes to get me to come in(he didn't have any cheese) fwom the hallway aftew I made awun fow it out of the apt. hehehe..finally Mommi got me witha absolutely should owdew matching coats fwom Butchy's Mama..we could be stylish twiplets.
Can't wait to see you at the pawty
smoochie kisses

Stanley said...


I loved watching troll for koi fish. You looked pretty determined, yet you troll so daintily.

Archie, you must have been worn out from all that roachin' you allegedly were doing.

I would love, someday, to join you in squirrel land. I'm faithful in my daily squirrel patrol, but have yet to catch one of the frisky little suckers. Someday... Someday.

Goober love (and can't wait to see you at Butchy's),

Pee Ess
The only camera person I can think of giving you is my girl. Got an extra dog bed she could use if she comes to stay?

Linda said...

Oh our dawgness, we luv to chase chipmunks. And guess what?? We have tons of them. Maybe we can have a CATCH THE CHIPMUNKS CONTEST at the pawty. What do ya think?? See you tomorrow!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Anonymous said...

You have squirells and chipmunks to chase?!?!?

Noah the Airedale said...

Hee hee, you two have the best hunting stance. Did you manage to catch any squirrels or chipmunks?
We don't have those here in Oz but we do have possums. I've actually caught a couple but I'm not allowed to talk about that.

Willow, Tess & Lucy say hi.

Unknown said...

It is a regular old wild adventure over there, we have nothing like that here!!

Molly the Airedale said...

I was really afraid that the tree was going to fall on you in that first video! You were digging out the middle of it! Is the tree still standing this morning?
See you at Butchy's!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

What were you looking for at that three? That was a serious digging!
And what about the roaching? Sure you know how to do it!
Have a nice day

Koobuss said...

Boy, you guys sure had a lot of fun in all that heat. I've been taking it easy, doing as little as possible, but then again, I do that in every kind of weather!

Koobuss Kisses,