Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Historic Tour

Our day started out with us trying to figure out what to do and we came up with the idea of another historic Boston mini tour!

This one involves President Kennedy, our favorite President( and local son).Not only do we love his policies but his FAVORITE dog was a welsh terrier named Charlie!!!!!!This is a picture of the house where he was born(see the room on the top right? that's it) If you take a tour of the house you can hear Rose Kennedy describing each room.

Of course we had to get into the action and Agatha is shocked to see that they are closed that early in the morning( 6am).I was mortified that she was up that close behind the barrier(PL 1+2 say that I always look worried but here I am just showing a shocked face).

Here I am being worried and below is Agatha probably thinking of some way to torture me(as usual)
This house is right around the corner from the JFK house and is the house where Robert Kennedy was born(they needed a bigger house!!!!) It is a private residence now but is a part of the tour to walk by.

We will have to take you the JFK Library at some other time( it has a beautiful view of the ocean) but now are very tired and think we are going to go to bed. So ask not what you can do for your country( Agatha says the original line that she wrote for him for that speech was ask not what you can do for your puppy but they took it out) Good night everyone!!! Archie+ Agatha


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

I love all your informative historical tours of Boston, thank you guys!

Oscar x

Gus said...

Thank you for the tour. And for the historical (hysterical) clarification on President Kennedy's famous speech. Funny, but Agatha doesn't look old enough to have been around then, or was that another life?

fee said...

dear archie & agatha, if mister kennedy really said that, then i nominate him for best ex-president! he's a kindred spirit!

*dragging agatha to a corner*

(this is girls' talk meant for agatha only: omdog, it was stuck poop, wasn't it? did archie come out of that other room all quiet with his head down and walking all funny for a while? and any nightmares or squirming in his sleep that night?)

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey pals, you're such cultured dogs! J x

Lenny said...

Thanks for the educational pictures and tour! Very interesting. You guys are like the PBS of Dogs with Blogs!

Your friend, Lenny