Monday, January 28, 2008


Well,we are stumped.PL1+2 and Agatha(who came for moral support) took me to another vet last night. She looked at my xray, and she looked at me(looked is not exactly the right term....poked and prodded is better) and she said"I think that the event he had was NOT from his knees!" WHAT the 4 of us exclaimed!! She tends to think it was some kind of back pull with a nerve involvement because in her quest to poke every bone in body I was a little squeamish at one point on my back(wouldn't you if someone stuck their finger in every vertebrae?)She did say my left knee does go in and out and will need surgery at some point in my life(GASP)but said this time it wasn't my knee. Well we are stymied. She said I could try the stairs again which we tried last night and tonight. I can go down but not up(I gotta tell you I kind of like being carried but don't tell Agatha) and I shouldn't jump on or off things because of my OTHER knee(which hasn't even done anything yet!) And she said do a few days of stairs and if all goes well resume normal activity. Well I walked our usual route for the morning today( and had ALOT of catching up to do) and was fine.PL 2 just went and ordered one of those things you use to carry a dog up stairs( this ought to be ripe.You should see her now...We come back to the house, she ties up Agatha outside throws her a cookie the other way so she can't see me being carried OR SHE GOES NUTS,brings me up to the front door, ties me on the handle, goes back, gets Agatha ,comes in the house, ties me on the handle, takes her up 3 flights, comes down for me .carries me up 3 flights but only to the 2rd because if Aggy sees me being carried she WILL GO NUTS, throw her a cookie the other way, scoots me up and quickly puts me down before Agatha turns around.....That is why she got that carry thing because she said she is going to go crazy if she has to do this forever and there was LOTS of words that I now know from HBO thrown in there too)She is also looking into ramps for the 2 sofas that we go on.She got these stairs but I wouldn't go up them and Agatha kept jumping over them and PL2 thought she was going to hurt herself and they didn't work. PL2 says that the house is turning into a dog agility house.....It has been a little hectic here,but the best news is,I had a lovely walk this morning and all is good(well for me but not for PL2 yet until she and PL1get this all straight on the logistic which we know they will because they are good at this stuff) And PL2 is going to take us both for holistic workups(as long as there is no prodding I'm game) to see if there is anything to do to help strengthen us up(Agatha does not need strengthening in my opinion )Yesterday was PL2's birthday and she spent it at the Vets!! Ha Ha!! But she did get Chinese Food to eat at home and on the ride home from the Vets(which was FAR) PL1+2 were so stressed from the whole thing THEY STOPPED AT MCDONALD'S!! They NEVER do that!! And PL1 got FRENCH FRIES!!! which they stopped doing along time ago AND WE DID NOT GET ONE FRY!!! Really, who was being poked them or me. So for today I will be carried up and down and placed on the bed with Agatha,and PL2 will go searching on the Internet for dog ramps!!!!!


Gus said...

Oh my...three flights of stairs! It is prolly good that you are not "substantial" like I am, or your hoomans would need to work out with weights! We hope the news continues to improve, and that the holistic people can help a bit...but I gotta warn you, they poke more than the other guys sometimes! But they usually smell better.


the many Bs said...

that's quite an interesting story and diagnosis. we have some vet appts. coming up and we sure hope that we don't have to get all of that torture. we're glad to hear that Archie seems to be better though and getting carried up the stairs sounds like a real logistical game. hee hee. we hope the holistic vet does good with you kids. our mom would like to find one for us too. right now we are going to the 'regular' vet - Brody has itches and Benson and Bailey both have limps, but different kinds of limps. geesh. do you think we need to get a job to help our mom pay the vet bills? good luck to you. we'll be anxious to hear how everything goes. oh yeah, mom is thinking about getting stairs or a ramp for Bailey too, 'cuz how he is having trouble jumping up on the couch and the bed. geesh!


Urban Smoothie Read said...

wat's wrong with those so-called professional vet...

if everyone give different diagnosis...then who to believe?

Headgirl said...

Having read all that I'm quite speachless...
I'm sorry for you Archie but more so for PL2 - what a work-out carrying you up stairs & then sorting out all the other stuff...
God luck to her & PL1

Also a very Happy Belated Birthday PL2.

Love, Pats & pets to all

Molly the Airedale said...

Oh my, Archie! This isn't the best news! Ya mean you've been kept quiet all this time and it wasn't even the right diagnosis?! We feel so bad that your mom has 3 flights of stairs to do! What a workout she's getting! Mom says thank goodness that you're WFT's and not Mastiff's like Mango!
We think the ramp and the Archie carrier sounds like a brilliant idea though!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Faya said...

Oh well....and our humans have to pay for such diagnostics.....
How much do you weight ? hihihi poor PL2....
Kisses, Faya

Lenny said...

Archie, while I am shocked at your new diagnosis, and all you have to endure at home, I am SPEECHLESS that your humans didn't share their french fries with you. That is just cruel.

Your friend, Lenny

Asta said...

Fiwst! HAPPY BIRFDAY PL2!!! I'm sowwy this is how you had to spend it..a lot mowe excewcise that you don't need, and it sounds like Aggie is getting a ton of tweats..I think she's wowking this sitooation to the max, hehehe.
Archie..I'm so vewy glad you got to walk and awe feeling bettew, pleeze don't ovewdo it too soon don't want a welapse. How confoosing to get these diffewent opinions..I'm suw the stwengthening can't huwt.. I'm sowwy fow the pwodding, and pawsonally I think you cewtainly desewved at least one fwy!...Let me know how I could help, I'm still willing to take Aggie fow a while to give you a west
soochie kisses,Asta

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Firstly, Happy Birthday, PL2!
I know from experience that it always pays to get a second opinion, and this vet is the expert, after all! I have a little 3 step staircase to help me get up on my sofa. I didn't like it at first and jumped over it and tried to lay on it like it was a funny mishapen dog bed. Now though, I LOVE it. Being carried up and down stairs is the BEST and just think of how much good it's doing PL1 & PL2! J x

Cassidy said...

I'm glad it's sort of good news Archie! Maybe my vet be wrong too? Me hopes so, then me can start being crazy puppy again!

Cassidy x

Sophie Brador said...

Oh brother! I think you guys need a third opinion. Or maybe you just need some acupuncture, Archie. This whole things sounds completely frustrating! I really hope your PLs are able to get to the bottom of this. On the other hand, they are going to have great butts from going up and down those stairs so much. Maybe they can market you as a work out tool.


Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...

Hi guys,
Tell PL2 Happy Birthday!! Give PL2 lots of licks!
I know that the alternative docs will help alot! I have been under the care since I came to live NY. My Mom best-est friend is one and treats many of us animal and hoomans too. She can recommend if you like.
Aggie, don't eat to many for those bones, don't want to loss that girlish figure!

Be well,
Luna- del- Luna

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
Happy Birthday to PL2!! Sure it was a hard day for all of you!
Agatha got the treats and you the work out!
I don't know too much about those diagnosis. The only thing I know is that I want Archie to get better soon!
Kisses and hugs

Jan Price said...

Hmmmm. That is strange. Whatever is wrong, we hope it gets better soon.

jans funny farm

Patience-please said...

You should have gotten a french fry.

the whippets

Joe Stains said...

holy cow archie you are a medical mystery!? I wouldn't mind being carried everywhere, but why does Agatha get so upset? We have doggy stairs, tanner uses them, I fly over them.

Stella said...

WHOA! Archie, you're living the good life... at least part of the time. What IS IT about your mama carrying you that sets Agatha off? Is she jealous? Does she think your mama will hurt you or take you away from her? That's funky.

I hope everything gets straightened out with your diagnosis. Sometimes it's good to get a second opinion (or a 3rd or a 4th).

You keep enjoying the king treatment while it lasts. Special healing gooby kissies are coming your way.

Goobette love,
Stella Bean Latifah

Maya and Kena said...

Seems like there's a lot going on in your house! Your poor mommy must be exhausted!!
And about the diagnosis, how weird!! She should know what was going on with Archie on her first test!
Well, hope you all have a great day and that things begin falling into place fur you!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Emma the Golden Girl said...

and the Canine Kids said,
We are so sorry to hear about your new diagnosis Archie and so sorry you are still having troubles although it is GRRReat you are getting better.
Our Mom really believes in holistic healing so we hope it helps you too.
We hope you got a biscuit 'cause you didn't get any Fries.

Lacy said...

woofies Agatha and Archie...hmmm, me finks u need another opinion too...den it will b 2 outta 3...whoever is rite...u poor mama, havin to walk up all dose flights of steps...soon mama and daddy needs to git me sum steps cant hardly jump on da couch now and mama fraid me gonna hurted meself...and happy birfdaay to u mama....

b safe,