Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our pal Tula +Instructions on how to play the clicker box game by Archie

Ok before Archie begins his clicker box game instructional post( this should be ripe) we would both like to take this moment to ask all of you to go visit our new friend Tula who is Norwoods cousin She has had a rough begining +Norwoods Auntie Dee is taking FABULOUS care of her.She is sad because she has not had a lot of kids come visit her blog yet.....LETS GO!!!!

Ok,we seem to have stumped everyone with our new clicker box game so we are going to tell you how to play it.....Archie is getting crabby that he never gets to post so take it away Arch.

First your PL needs one of these... a clicker.These things ARE GREAT because every time your PL clicks it YOU GET FOOD!!! FOR DOING NOTHING!!!!!!! Is there ANYTHING greater??????!!!!!!!!!!

Then you need one of these boxes................. You have to get it smaller and get the sides down..your PL can do this for you if you are not allowed to play with scissors....

It helps to have this book....... alot or you will not really know how to play..Actually as you may have noticed I really haven't quite figured it out yet myself.All I know is I get a lot of treats for who knows what......

And you need LOTS of treats......

OK maybe not those cookies.........

OK maybe not a roast beef either.......but these will do in a pinch,but they have to be really really small BECAUSE YOU GET 12,000 of them!!!!!!

Then your PL and you go to the box and whenever you go near the box, or push at the box or do ANYTHING to the box you get a treat! And then sometimes they will throw the treat in the box... this is the hard part for me because I can not quite get how to get them out unlike my sister who attacks the box with fierce veracity, slams it over to its side and gets them all.The game is meant to be played with dogs who have not been clicker raised to get them used to the clicker. And your PL is supposed to shape behaviour from this. I don't know what that means...Your PL will have to get the book..All I know is that I love it because I get 12000 treats and at the end of the game PL2 goes."oh it's ok Arch here is a mega bonus just for being cute" and gives me TONS all at one time...HA AGATHA you don't get those because you are such a pig you go into the stupid box....oh no did I say that out loud?????????????


Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Okay Archie,we're on our way over to Tula's. The clicker game still makes no sense to us,but whatever wins ya treats is good by us! Smooches, BabyRocketDog & Hootie

Asta said...

I have to make Mommi get one of those clickews wight away, xept she's been mumbling something about all of us needing to go on a diet and less tweats..this is a cun-un do I twain mommi to give me 1200 tweats..maybe I should use the clickew on hew??
Pleez let me know if you have any ideas!!!!
I'm going to go visit Tula now
smoochie kisses

Scottie the 'Cutie' said...

Mom was thinking of getting a clicker to train me as well, but she hasn't had any luck finding them in Malaysia...=( Maybe we have to order online as well...hope she'll get it soon! Your clicker box game sounds AWESOME..especially the 12000 treats part! *grins*


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Sounds like a fun game....we'll get Mum to dig out our clicker when Rosie gets back from Bermuda :D
Thanks for stopping by to say hello, Petey's friends are so cool!
Slobbers...from Rosie and the gang xx

Molly the Airedale said...

We like treats! We need to convince mom to get us one of these clicker things too! Thanks A+A!
We're off to visit Tula!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Noah the Airedale said...

G'day Arch,
Thanks for explaining the clicker game to us. Now we get it lol.
We've just been over to Tula's blog. She sounds pretty cool. Lucky she found herself a great home.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Gus said...

oops. blew that one Archie. Gonna go visit Tula.


Unknown said...

Hi Archie!

First off, thanks for clearing things up with Rosie about your relationship with Lacie. Though who knows how you ever find time to date her—now she's going to Bermuda this weekend, too, with Butchy. I just hope we avoid her, I have a feeling she's up to something.

Anyhow. Mommy got a clicker for me too so now I get treats when I sit or lie down. We play a funny game called "leave it" and "wait." Then our neighbors' granddaughters come over and grab the clicker and suddenly it sounds like castanets and I get handfuls of treats!

We got the clicker so Mommy can distract me from attacking 100 lb. black labs and boxers and German Shepherds when we go on walks. I'm fine with any dog at the run, but I get all macho on the leash. Oh well!

Off to say hello to Tula! Thanks again!

Your pal,


Unknown said...

P.S. Do you ever watch "It's Me or the Dog?" Victoria Stillwell does a lot of clicker training plus she has a great English accent! I'd listen to her!

Unknown said...

HI Archie & Agatha,

Thank you so much! Tula is going to be so happy with all her new friends!

I think that deserves a click & treat and I can get those autographs for you.. hee hee. well maybe the fenway franks.

More winter.. we heard ice and snow for Sunday and Tuesday. It's hard to think spring.

Thanks again!
Smoochies and hugs and treats

Unknown said...

Ps- I love your leashes... Mom is disappointed at the news today. Tom Brady is married. She always thought she had a chance. Silly, how can you compete with an underwear model? I have to click and treat her into reality sometimes.


Niamh said...

Clicker training is a great way to make your people give your more treats! I love the box game. I get treats for touching it, putting my feet in the box. Try different shaped boxes or baskets for more fun. We have started to try to clicker train Ambrose. I fear it is hopeless.

Your friend,

Lucia said...

Ciao Agatha and Archie!

I'm Lucia the Aire-girl, and am so pleased to make your acquaintance. I hope we can be amici!

Mia ragazza uses the clicker on me as though it's a remote control. I don't think she paid attention at my clicker obedience classes, do you!?!? (Giggle!) It sounds like the two of you are faring much better with your clicker work. Bravo!

We just stopped by to say ciao to Tula; she's quite a beauty!

Tanti baci!

Fenway said...

Clicker training is fun and you will get lots of easy rewards! Karen Pryor is the BESTEST teacher and she makes a very nice clicker...much nicer than the ones you buy in stores!

Did you notice the dog on the book cover?


Joe Stains said...

ok I think I get it now! I definitely want 12000 treats, but I dont know how to get one of those clicker makers...

Lacy said...

woof's Me will have to git mama to git one of those books and c where me 1200 treats will go visit ur friend...

b safe,

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

HUH??? You actually get food just for tryin' to get food outta a box??? OH>>>can we come and live with you??????

Mumsie puts food down in her stoopid coke zero fridge pack empty cheerios...and we go nutso tryin' to get em out...and you get clicked and treated for tryin'...OH MY...we're Boston...

I may be moving this minute cuz Scruffy has excessive amounts of the rankest dog gas possible and is expressing it with great volume and rapidity...oh pardon me while I go and barf...

Now Now don't mean the whole monastary thingie again do ya?? I see the mere mention of a date to Bermuda got ya off ur restin' clicker treated laurels...Actually, my Pet...YOU HAVEN'T ASKED ME OUT IN A MONTH...(Lacie's voice ascends several octaves becoming a shriek...Mumsie gives her a look and obediently her shrill tone drops several octaves and decibles...but Scruffy just farted again...the narrarator may need to go and barf also...)

Now Archie...I have several days free next week and the whole weekend is available...let me know...I am in a highly stressful ICU rotation in nursing school, but Agatha may let me off clinical early next better ask her...

Now let's just forget about you asking Penelope out on a're just upseting yourself and you know that makes you itch. (We have now discovered that Archie's skin issues are somehow related to Lacie....)

All my love,

Your Lacie

You look sooooooooooo hot in those pics Arch!!!!!

Dexter said...

Now that the snow is almost melted, momma is threatening to get out the clicker again. Ugh.


tula monstah said...

hi Agatha & Archie!

You two are the best and very thoughtful.. no wonder you have such wonderful friendz. high fives!

i think mom is getting the boxes out and she is never without a clicker.. she thinks it's a bracelet. you're right Archie, all it take is one cute look at mom and JackPot!

thanks again. Get ready 4 the big snow tomorrow. uggh.


Eric said...

Archie! Tula visited me, wasn't that cool- I visited her back!! I read some of her blogs but Mom is taking me back to read more. Arch,have you seen... I think she has a LOT in common with WFT's barkin and stuff!!

Your instructions on the box game were excellent pal. And to get a bonus of treats at the end for looking cute...boy you got Momt to clicker train herself!! Wagging clever!!!!

love and kissies. Eric xxx

Sally said...

Training? What is this odd concept? I am not sure I like this entry in your blog - it is giving my human ideas above her station - at the moment - it is treats for being cute thats it! - the rest looks like WORK.

Whats this !?! She has taken a box and placed it in the room....

HMMMMMM...I am off to hide the blue clicker bracelet ...


PS I have tagged you with an Honest Scrap award - if you have received one already - sorry - toodles...

Sophie Brador said...

Archie! You are too funny I could just schmoosh your face all up with kisses. Okay, that was my PL talking, since you know me. Not terribly schmooshy, unless you happen to be a black miniature Schnauzer named Pablo evidentally.

I am a bit concerned about your svelte A-line figure with all those treats, but I just know your PLs will keep an eye on that for you. Try to run extra laps around Jamaica Pond so they don't stick you on some toning diet.

Say hi to Ags and the PLs for me.


Unknown said...

Are you ready A & A? Flakes are falling. I saw plows gearing up this morning.


Gus, Louie and Callie said...

We stopped by so see Tula. She is beautiful. Thanks for introducing us..
I don't think that clicker thing would work with those 2 deaf reds..
They do work for treats though.

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie