Friday, November 14, 2008

What was found while cleaning and Arch update

Well if we weren't behind in our reading every ones blogs,we sure are now!!!!! But PL2 said we are going to spend the weekend catching up.Archie( who is now wearing sunglasses to go outside because he is mortified about his shaved spots) is better but not yet 100%.His head and leggie are better but his neck is slower tp heal. Stanislaws PL gave PL2 a concoction which is working really well so we slather it on him. (let us know if anyone needs it)He is also getting some stuff that makes him sleepy and anti itchy....He says he would be better off with one of Lacies smoothies......He isn't crying at night any more unless his foot "accidentally" touches his neck....PL2 tried socks(stayed on one milli second) and he said he KNOWS it is the latest style in London but he WILL NOT BE SEEN IT THEM.PL2 tried a shirt(she even got him a Red Sox shirt,but he REFUSED to wear it..(and they say I am the stubborn one) so......tincture of time.....
PL2 vacuumed today and look what she found scattered throughout the house, in every room, under furniture, under sofas, and even under the mattress in one of our crates!!!!! She goes out and buys more because she thinks we have "lost them!! Isn't this a great trick??!!!!! We highly recommend doing this......Well we didn't want everyone to think we were missing in action and we will be by this weekend and catch up.....


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Are we first?????

Oh my poor Archie...ur still itchy?? What is the stuff that Stanislaw's PL gave ya? Scruffy's real bro has the itchies really badly...

I had so much fun with you at the poker pawty Archie...I know that anti itch smoothie helped you tremendously...and tell PL 2 that the next best thing is to go to the pet store and bring home LOTSA TOYS!!!!! DISTRACTION....YEP...

Oh...bout Mumsie's bear...wasn't he something? They have bears on Grandfather Mountain in's a wildlife preserve...she was above him...zoomin' with the camera allowed her to see that he needed a nose hair trim...pretty impressive toofers on that Dude...just glad she didn't bring him home. Rumor has it he's an AMAZING POKER PLAYER. Just what we need...another NOMS cleanin' out the poker pot!

Gotta go help Mumsie cook dinner...since she has NO ENTHUSIASM about this coming chore, the results will assuredly be worse than usual....

Love you lots, Sweet Archie!

Lacie girl

Lacy said...

w00f's a and a, me shure hopes archies itchies gets better soon..heehee me will try that hiding deal c iffin can git more toys..

b safe,

Niamh said...

Look at all those chew toys! Great strategy to get more of them. Glad to hear Archie is getting better but those hot spots are terrible things. T-shirts are so bad Archie.

Your friend,

Asta said...

Thank dog you have something to slathew on him..I might have to find out what that is fow the footoowe...luckily , I've avoided the dweaded itchies so faw..but you nevew know..we'we sensitive squawe dogs, hehe
Gweat tip about the toys..I'll twy looks like a faboolous collection
love and smoochie kisses

Unknown said...

I like that you have matching toys—very fair of PL2! Is Agatha in her nurse's uniform (hubba hubba) taking care of you, Arch? Maybe this is late retribution for threatening to join the monastery—your hair is starting to resemble a friars. Poor fella.

Would a YANKEES shirt make you feel better?

Your pal,


Lorenza said...

Hi, Agatha and Archie!
Glad to hear Archie is much better!
Everyday my grandma finds my toys in very strange places!
Have a great weekend
Kisses and hugs

Noah the Airedale said...

Poor Archie, we're sorry to hear you've been in the wars matie.
Hopefully you'll be 100% better soon.

Noah x

Poopsie aka Blue said...

Well, am certainly glad Archies improving.
Shame he doesn't want to become a fashion icon in socks!
PL2 did unearth a trove of treasures - they look in excellent condition too - no chewing - does the Jax need to give you lessons???

Love, pats & pets

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, he doesn't have to feel embarrassed about his bald spots. We won't laugh. Hehe!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Faya said...

Oh my poor poor Archie. I hope he will be fine soon...
Nice collection of toys !
Kisses, Faya

Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...

HI Guys,

Did Archie think of shaving his head like humans do when they at loss for hair?
U rook marvelous in those glasses!

With wagging tail,

Eric said...

Hey Arch you know a pair of Red Socks on your footies would look pawsome with those sunnies. Gets you lots of attention n belly scritchy scratchies for your cute handsomeness.....and you can sort of move a bit and get them to do the scritchy scratchies on your neck for you too. Poor Arch,wagged the sleepy stuff is working and you are getting a bit better.I am a bitty better this week too. Mom gave me Rescue Remedy the other day too when there were soooo many fireworks to be barked at.MMMmmm lovely, had the same effect as a couple of Lacie's potent smoothies..I went all hey man hippie... peace.

Thats a very good trick Arch with the hiding. Think if I did that they might never be found again, tee hee.

Keep getting better pal. And read comments and advice Butchy put on my blog..

Wiry get well wags, Eric x

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Hey Agatha...

We're always lookin' out for our new issue of Dog Fancy, there's a new book out you two might like...and Toffee Girl too...


Best Hikes With Dogs: Boston and Beyond

by Jenna Ringelheim

It sells for $16.95...might find a copy at ur library? Sounded interesting!!!

Gotta go and regrow some fur...Mumsie stripped us this morning and I feel rather nekkid....Stan blew his whole coat...dumb Dale...why would ya shed a coat when winter is comin'???

Hugs and kissies...Lacie

Molly the Airedale said...

You look pretty cute in those sunglasses, Archie! We sure hope the itchies stay on the run!
Mitch is eyeing your corn cob! Those are one of his favorite toys!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Koobuss said...

Hi guys!!

Looks like you got real lucky! Finding all that stuff is even better than going shopping for new stuff! You got all this stuff and you've got your money, too! Way to go!

Hope Arch's itches are gone soon. Sounds like he is getting better. Before long he will be back to himself.

Kobuss Kisses,

Eduardo said...

Awesome collection of stuff! Are those dental bones? Whoa! I hope Archie gets better soon!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Joe Stains said...

Glad Archie is doing a bit better. Your corn is in such great shape!!