Saturday, November 17, 2007

An Award

Our sweet pal Asta gave us this award,which in her words:

" this award is presented to a successful blogger, one who can “be the blog” - making it their own, staying with it, interacting with the readers, and just plain having fun." Well we thought who would we would like to award this to?
Asta down under + her footie woes?
Axel the original blog boy?
Barkalot Boys-who amuse us with their stories?

Buster- our politically correct pal?

Butchy and Snickers-whose stories on kois,clothes and adventures keep us amused?

Faya our Swiss snow girl?

Fee-who makes us LOL?

Jackson-the most proper WFT around?

Katie,Zorra and Sam who are our agility experts?

Koobus who makes us laugh with her car and stories?

Lenny who has THE best costumes?
Mango+Party who gave us Fee?
Scruffy +Lacie who are ALWAYS in hot water?
William Tell with the best chicken stories?
the 4 B's who have the best stories of pack life?
Amber Mae our tennis ball queen?
Balboa with the best captions?
Blue with the best updates on England and life?
Harry + Cassidy with all their new adventures?
Charlie and his backyard escapades?
Dory our Boston buddy?
GG our Favorite hammy pal?
Joey and Tanner who make us laugh so hard we cry?
Lorenza and her beautifull dresses?
Ozzy+ Romeo +their brotherly adventures?
Ludo and his wood roaming adventures?
Maggie + Mitch and their fabulous tales of Aire life?
Marvin + his fabulous Scottish tales?
Max+all the adventures?
Mojo + his cute puppy escapades?
Noah + the girls + their Aussie adventures?
Molly+ Gerty +their fabulous vacations?
Pacco + her wonderfull contest stories?
Precious + her just darn cute stories?
Ruby +her fabulous jet??
Sophie B ahhh the philosopher and movie star?
Stanley + Stella our main man + sissie stories?
the Thuglets + their Aire pack adventures (+digging!)
Wally who makes us LOL and is so wonderfull?

The bottom line is we love all of you very dearly and all of your adventures and anxiously wait to read all of your stories. PL2 sits and wonders how Stannie + Stella are doing and what Butchy + Snickers did today and how Jax is feeling today....... We love you all very much and want to give this award to everyone!!!!!!! Phew I am wiped out now...........


Faya said...

You deserve it ! Congratulations !
Kisses, Faya

The Black and Tans. said...

WEll done Agatha and Archie, you cerainly do have an awesome blog.

Molly and Taffy xx

the many Bs said...

Congrats on your award. You two kiddos are sure a lot of fun to visit and sniff. we're glad you like our dog pack stories. we wuf you too!

happy woofers.

Molly the Airedale said...

OMG, did you miss anyone! Thank you so much of this award! We feel so honored!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Noah the Airedale said...

Good stuff you two. You're blog is fabulous.
We feel honoured to be on your list. Thanks so much.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah, Willow, Tess & Lucy

Asta said...

Agatha and Archie
I agwee completely!
It's impossible to just give a few of ouw fwiends and awawd..we wun to the pooter evewy day to catch up on evewyone's funny, sad, intewesting adventoowes..what a gweat family we have!
Hope you got a gweat's that kind of weathew ..pawfect fow snoozing
smoochie kisses

Harry said...

That was quite a list. Congrats on the award, and thatnks for passing it on to us.

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
Congratulations! You deserve this award! Thanks for passing it to me!
Have a good night

Amber-Mae said...

CONGRATS to you Agatha & Archie! Oh, you're soooo very nice...I think everydog in DWB deserves it!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Stanley said...

Agatha & Archie,

You guys are so creative & wacky. You crack me up with your list of award winners. I am honored to have made the cut.

You totally deserve that award. I too sit around and ask myself what everydog is up to too. My girl says she keeps slipping dog lingo into her daily vocabulary and completely freaking peeps out.

On behalf of my sissy, Stella, we accept this award & will display it with pride!

Goober love,

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Yes, you certainly deserve the award! Congratulations both of you!

love and Scottish licks, Marvin xxxxx

pee ess thanks for the mention you two! I adore your blog!

Ruby Bleu said...

WOW!! Thanks so much and congrats to you pups are the best!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey pals, congrats! And thanks for the mention in the role of honour! J x

Unknown said...

THANK YOU guys. We certainly think about all of our doggie bloggie friends too. You guys are pawesome.

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Hey...thanks for puttin' us on your list!!! (though it's Scruffy who's always in twouble...not me!!)
Gosh, Agatha...I really hurt myself. I slipped getting onto the plane in England, and hurt my paw then. But when I got home we had SNOW. I chased and chased Scruffy...and came in all bloody...he was too...but it was my blood. I fractured my toenail way way down at the root....they did nasty trimming to it and it hurt. And then they put a big bandage on it and it stil hurts. And Scruffy is very very slow at getting me things. Or changing the channel. I'm back on amoxicillin...and Mumsie wonders if I still have a bladder infection as um...I've had lotsa accidents. Oh Dear. Im sorry to have complained so much to you, but Scruffy sez he's tired of me being in a BAD MOOD. What's a girl to do?????


fee said...

congrats on your award and thank you for passing it on to me, a+a! i love you too!

the pets cabaret is awesome! i hope you didn't get a wash as well that day?


Lenny said...

Thanks Agatha and Archie - you're so nice! What a nice tribute to all your DWB buddies.

Your friend, Lenny

Sophie Brador said...

Hey there A & A, You two are so amazing! I just love visiting your blog and if I ever come to Boston, we are going to go pee on trees together. Okay?


Koobuss said...

Congratulations on the award and thank you for including me when you passed it on! You guys are great!!

Just watched the Patriots again. They are awesome!! Boston's got to be a fun place to be!!

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh it is soooo hard to choose, I felt terrible having to choose, now I feel sad I could not have done what you did and mentioned everybody!

A blue Marvin ;0(

COL. Sam ASTA-fari Joe H. Pinkerton Peabody, Esq said...

Hello Pals.

Thanks for including us in the stuuuupendous list for the award. We hope you have a very nice holiday.

William Tell said...

You deserve this award, your blog is always so much fun to check out.

Thanks for passing it on to me, too!

William Tell

Linda said...

Hey Agatha & Archie,
We have a new post today, go check out what came in our yard & it's SNOWING!!! Congrats on your new award & check out the new award we just gave you today. Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Asta said...

Deaw Agatha and Archie
I hae a feeling we'we all going to look like that(although not as adowable) aftew ouw Thanksgiving dinnews..hope you's is wondewful
smoochie kisses

Urban Smoothie Read said...

how much is that doggie by the window... woof woof....the 1 with d wagglie tail... woof woof...

do u alwiz like to sleep by d window??

u got so many friends, i know is hard for u to choose...

Girl Girl Hamster said...

That's a pawsome award. And you're so nice to give it to every friend of yours. :)

~ Girl girl

Balboa said...

WOW, no wonder you won the award you two are just so sweet, thougtful and generous. Thanks so much for thinking of us all....

Frenchie Snorts