Thursday, June 28, 2007

WOW is it hot!!!

It is another hot day here and PL'1 + 2 both thought we needed to go swimming so they took us to one of our FAVORITE places Jamaica Pond in Jamaica Plain a section of Boston. This is a beautiful pond with ducks, swans, geese(and their remains if you get my drift, which I hear are quite a delicacy) egrets, and even hawks!! It is a lovely place to walk and the people who walk around there are so nice and love us to bits. Actually they often laugh at us prancing around!! Anyway, Agatha went into the water and PL1 threw a stick for her to fetch and all she would do is paw at the water because she couldn't figure out how to swim!!! I just stood in the background soaking my feet, because I didn't have my bathing suit with me. There was a lab there who was practically out in the middle of the pond.Good,I said to Agatha, let him get the stick while I relax.The best part of the whole walk ( for me) was that I met a LOVELY little fox terrier named Snowy!!! The 4 of us were deighted as you don't often see fox terriers around here!! She was with her walker.I must say I was enthralled with her,however she, in true terrier spirit kept growling at me!! I love a feisty woman! Well we are quite tired from our adventure and are going to take a 12 minute nap so we can get up and run all through the house. Stay cool everyone( except those we read about in South Africa with snow on Axel's blog,Stay warm there! )Archie and Agatha (maybe I need those flotation devices to help swim) PS PL 1 is getting a good chuckle over our moustaches as he is the one who helped"place" them there! A+A


Gus said...

Hey: God created labradors to fetch sticks and terriers to take them away! Even my buddy Travis says so!

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey pals, I don't like swimming much either. It's too cold and wet! J1 & J2 always get exciting when they see another WFT too. I'm never that bothered as I'm not really interested in other dogs. J x

Lenny said...

Sounds like fun! Stay cool, guys!

Your friend, Lenny