Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our pal Tula +Instructions on how to play the clicker box game by Archie

Ok before Archie begins his clicker box game instructional post( this should be ripe) we would both like to take this moment to ask all of you to go visit our new friend Tula who is Norwoods cousin She has had a rough begining +Norwoods Auntie Dee is taking FABULOUS care of her.She is sad because she has not had a lot of kids come visit her blog yet.....LETS GO!!!!

Ok,we seem to have stumped everyone with our new clicker box game so we are going to tell you how to play it.....Archie is getting crabby that he never gets to post so take it away Arch.

First your PL needs one of these... a clicker.These things ARE GREAT because every time your PL clicks it YOU GET FOOD!!! FOR DOING NOTHING!!!!!!! Is there ANYTHING greater??????!!!!!!!!!!

Then you need one of these boxes................. You have to get it smaller and get the sides down..your PL can do this for you if you are not allowed to play with scissors....

It helps to have this book....... alot or you will not really know how to play..Actually as you may have noticed I really haven't quite figured it out yet myself.All I know is I get a lot of treats for who knows what......

And you need LOTS of treats......

OK maybe not those cookies.........

OK maybe not a roast beef either.......but these will do in a pinch,but they have to be really really small BECAUSE YOU GET 12,000 of them!!!!!!

Then your PL and you go to the box and whenever you go near the box, or push at the box or do ANYTHING to the box you get a treat! And then sometimes they will throw the treat in the box... this is the hard part for me because I can not quite get how to get them out unlike my sister who attacks the box with fierce veracity, slams it over to its side and gets them all.The game is meant to be played with dogs who have not been clicker raised to get them used to the clicker. And your PL is supposed to shape behaviour from this. I don't know what that means...Your PL will have to get the book..All I know is that I love it because I get 12000 treats and at the end of the game PL2 goes."oh it's ok Arch here is a mega bonus just for being cute" and gives me TONS all at one time...HA AGATHA you don't get those because you are such a pig you go into the stupid box....oh no did I say that out loud?????????????

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The art of a stuffie, for Eric's Legged One

Well even though Asta didn't come to visit she did send us presents. This is the one I chose a lovely heart, just for an angel like me( HA!) Now our pal Toffee had sent our pal Eric a stuffie and just as he got to the MOST IMPORTANT PART his PL(legged one in his house) TOOK IT AWAY FROM HIM(if you haven't read about this trot over to his is shocking) I thought it best to show his legged one a story( actually I am doing it so that maybe she will give him his toy back but don't let on...)

Here is the first step.............attack attack attack......


Second step,play coy but then attack attack attack........


Third step...destroy destroy destroy.........


TADA!!!! Can you see it?? A perfectly surgically removed stuffie voice box, by surgeon supreme Agatha. What you can't see it well???

Here is a close up.......Look how perfect that removal went(granted it took a bit of time and I am not anywhere near the timing perfection that my mentor Jackson has, but it is a rainy day and I wanted to make the game last a bit.

Now that, Eric's legged one is what we mean by stuffie destuffing..... (Twinnie maybe she will get you that Toffee toy now..This was worth a shot right?)

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Saturday, February 21, 2009


Puppies,hammies and kitties sit back because you are NOT GOING TO BELIEVE OUR DAY YESTERDAY! Someone unbelievably special came to visit us...US ..A+A!!!!(oh yeah and PL1+2 TOO)

Archie is still in a state of shock........and has his head bowed in disbelief( I think it looks like he is smelling his feet but he got mad when I said that and said he wasn't)

It was a usual day,I was doing a little cleaning and was going to bake some cookies,Archie was working on a post to explain the clicker box game for all of you, and the bell rang.........AND IT WAS ASTA"S MOM AND DAD!!!!!!!!(of course PL2's photography is not really the best in all of these shots..In fact it STINKS because she has CUT OFF EVERYONES HEAD...geesh)Here we are really checking that it is really her....IT WAS!!!!!

And here is Asta's DAD!!!(of course how could you tell because PL2 cut his head off......) but trust us it was.....

OK you know who else must be here!! We started to check all of their bags......but she didn't come...Asta was at Petey's helping him get ready for Paris( Of COURSE we did not tell Archie who Petey was going with)

Now you will not believe this....Asta's Mommy walked into my bomb shelter room and said"I know what is here!! Agatha's BOMB SHELTER!" many humans would know that!! I was FLOORED!!!!!!!! are not going to believe what happened next.....I went to show her the entrance( there are several entrances but this is the main one...)

AND I LET HER COME IN!!! Well really wouldn't you..I mean how smart is she.. and she got right down to get in( You got it..... PL2 cut off her head......)

Then I showed her how you can really relax in here (see my crossed paws?) and told her she was invited any time..)

Here we are still in a state of disbelief looking at Atsa's Dad.........

Then I had been waiting for this to happen..Archie fainted......right while he was getting a tummy scritch........He was overcome with emotion( you know him, a little emotional at times.. ask Lacie)

Then we were so wiped out from all of that we stayed home and they went on to meet...( Eric sit down buddy)..........TOFFEE AND RILEY!!!!!!!!!(Isn't this just a STUNNING coat she had on??)

And look good Boston taste Toffee's PL wore a lobster hat as a welcome to Boston to Asta's Mom and Dad.......(This is birthday eve for Riley.. He is so excited can't you tell!!)

FINALLY!!!! She got her head!!!!!Asta's Mom walking Toffe and Riley!

It was bit chilly out there so Toffee and Riley went back home( well Riley had to rest up for his birthday today) and then all of the PL's went out for.....Well what would you eat on a cold cold day in Boston???????? CHOWDER!!!!!!!! A wonderful time was had by all but it was too quickly over.....As for us?? We still can't believe it happened....... Look I am in such a state that I am actually sleeping NEXT to my brother........

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


OK we know that you may have seen this already but our pal Bogarts Dad is really sick and needs all of our zen. We are all very good at this so humans, doggies,kitties and hammies everyone start it up..........

Monday, February 16, 2009

The clicker box game

So PL2 has been following all of Dr Moon Fanelli's advice( the best part of that whole thing was claiming me rightfull reowner of my alpha title but that is for another story..) andPL2 has been using the clicker(after buying a zillion books) She hopes she is doing it right but even if she isn't we are having a great time.Everybody needs to tell their PL's to do this because you get a ZILLION cookies FOR DOING NOTHING!! IT IS FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now in one of the 6000 books Pl2 has, one is by Karen Pryor the clicker guru,and she says to get a box and play this game. I would like you to closely wach the 2 entirely different styles my brother and I have playing this game.......



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

59 degrees and pitchers and catchers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what you wait for all winter! What you dream off! And you KNOW that there will not be ONE SNOW PLOW around!! Bostonians were out without coats,and boots and we even saw some without sweaters!!!!!! Look here is proof!!!!!!!! This could have been one of our greatest days!!!

PL2 packed us up in the car( I will admit I am looking the wrong way but I thought I heard the neighbors cat over there..)

AND LOOK WHERE WE WENT!! WE haven't been here since the Fall!!! OUR JAMACA POND!!!!

Archie couldn't believe it!! He was almost in a state of shock!!!!!

LOOK!! Here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And look what else there was here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We weren't sure but we thought we heard some HBO words from under PL2's breath....

We had ALOT to check out and there were lots of people and kids and dogs there!!!! And people always stop us to pat us! IT IS SO GREAT!

Ahhhhhh we missed this place....

We are so happy to be here!!!!!!

And look!! They are even back!!!!!!

A little more of this.......

And this.....Remember how we just got a bath??!!

PL2 did think ahead and brought these..........

Are you kidding me???? This was just my two front feet...WE WERE COVERED in mud and dirt!!!!!!

No she didn't put us in there although she did say she wished she could have...but we had to wash the car and we always come along and help......

Can you see us supervising from the back?


And as if all of that was not enough( we forget to say we helped get gas for the car as well) ,we went to Jamaca Pond, we helped clean the car................

TOMORROW IS PITCHERS AND CATCHERS FROM THE RED SOX CALLED TO BASEBALL TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!! Oh it good to be alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Getting ready for the big dog show(Mango don't read this)

Well tomorrow is the big show at Westminster.PL2 thought that we were looking a little scruffy(ha ha little joke get it Scruffy!!) so she said we had to get a bath.......GROSSSSS......but we were looking a little ragged. Here is my brother..........

And here I am( really we don't think we look bad at all but I guess you can't see the underneath part..bit of a different color there...)

SO first she did this(which Archie loves. )Me? I start out OK and then I become like a little she= devil....and I roll on my side and then PL2 can only do one side and she gets all frustrated....HA this is a GREAT game.....)

OK so I went in first.......PL1 said I actually look svelte here and what the heck is that stupid nutritionist talking about( I love him) PL2 did happen to get on the scale with me and I am EXACTLY the same weight. OH GREAT DIET MISS NUTRITIONIST( or it could be the 12000 clicker cookies I am getting. I will tell you all about that another day....) And what is TWO pounds amongst friends.....

Here is the easiest way to dry off........or you could go with PL2 onto the sink area and keep stepping backwards so she thinks you are going to fall in the toilet..another GREAT game)


Then it was Archie's turn..He is such a wuss and says he LOVES having this done because it is like getting a massage.........

I told him to dry off this way or he WOULD end up in the toilet....


Here he is mister WESMINSTER poster boy......

Off course everyone knows that after you have a bath you must immediately kill each other.........and do zoomies all over the house making the floor really wet and skiddy.......


OK here we are practicing......What's that you say?????

Archie come here a minute they have something to tell us.....

YOU ARE KIDDING ME???We have both won the BEST IN SHOW(I had to tell him he won as well or he would sulk around for days)

Now we have to go pack up the car with the trophy for the big show,because we will let you in on a big secret......but Mango must not find this out.....EVERYBODY knows who the judges are going to be........ Myself, Archie, Scruffy, Asta ,Asta DU, Ozzie ,Romeo, Gussie ,Axel,Jackson ,Bussie Eric. Jake and Harry, Koobus, Butchy and Snickers,Mackie, Tell and Luna . THE WIRE CONNECTION!!!!!!! Well maybe we have chosen many many wire fox terriers all in all but we throw in a zinger here and there so people like Mango won't get upset( a beagle last year right? )